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MAIA Speaks


The following is a powerful experience I had last night, 03/26/03. I will enter this exactly as it is in my notes:

"The Pleiades are said to be young hot blue Stars, unlikely to have life sustaining planets around them. You must understand that in a parallel Universe a 3 dimensional world can exist in it, just as your 3 dimensional world exists in your space orbiting a yellow Sunstar.
To us, your Star appears to be unable to sustain life if we were to observe it soley from the perspectives of the physics of our Universe. Yet both you and I know each exists. The sublime differences in the physics of the Universes keeps scientists bound by their perception of the observed.
It is the perception of the unobserved that is needed to comprehend the existance of our world. So as most on your world believe in a God they cannot see, they do this by faith; a knowledge of evidence of things not seen, so that things not visible are known as real.
Why then is it so difficult to believe in our world? Does the limitation of science look only at the observable? Is gravity observable? Is the stream of light between one point in space observable as a line from origin to observed destination?
Consider these things and ask. Your answer lies within the question itself."
~ A Female Being 3/26/03

(The dialogue continued, but in a more powerful form....)

"When you look through glass it is clear. When you look through still water you see clearly what is below. When you look through the sky you see what is beyond it in distance. Yet each of these things has a substance, some solid, some fluid, some ether. It has measurable substance, though it is clear and you can see through it as if it were not there. So too it is with our worlds.
Our worlds exist in the realm of unseen substance. You can see through our worlds as we see through yours, excepting when our vision of mind is tuned to see, to view the world beyond our own, and in some events to visit one with another, etherealy and physicly.
Only a small change in the molecular vibration, the workings of sub-elemental particles, allows the perception of extradimensional substance.
Choosing to believe is an act of will. Choosing to open the gate to the voice crying outside will allow you to see the visitor who calls. Yet if you leave the gate closed and the curtain drawn, you will only hear, and you will never see who has come to your gates.
Realise then that in the depths of the loneliest places, you are in the company of a multitude. I am Maia, and these words are true."

NOTE: I have no idea which Maia spoke. I percieved her as a discarnate form, an energy - not taking on a form like Arwen or the Orions. It was a powerful revelation - I could only percieve as a swirling non-local energy that was in my room - and left me in awe and silence, with a humming in my head after these words were written down.
Chills continued to course up and down my entire body in waves for several minutes after I realised I had just been visited by the primordial female essence eminating from God.
10:07 pm 03/26/03
I had finished writing and suddenly heard "Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?" with almost a giggle from the Maia energy orb that filled the room. I began laughing, joyfully laughing. She said, "So now you know."
I felt drunk, giddy, silly, I even slumped against thw wall and lost my strength for a moment. I had a head rush that was pure, like clarity. I do not use drugs or alchohol. Maia has visited!
But in all this I miss Arwen, who has been spending time since the 18th over in Iraq helping protect women and children who "see." (So she said this is what she was doing) I miss Arwen because she relates more on my level in a form I can relate to.
Maia is awesome, but almost too powerful to spend long times in her presence without losing all ability to function. As we advance and transcend, we may be able to spend more time with the Maia energy. This must have been what Ayani Tani Ora Yani felt in the 6th realm, or Moses on the mountain in Gods presence.
My head is still humming 20 minutes after the experience. The effects of Maia have left me in a state of pure clarity that can be felt.
I literally felt all the effects of being giddilly drunk without any of the bad side effects of alcohol. This alone is proof of Maias visitation. I even said, "Maia, we have to do this again sometime, but not now." ~ 03/26/03
These are the true experiences I had on that day and time. Something had profoundly changed in me throughout the rest of the night, and I was able to access spiritual realms easily in remote viewing, but I am not speaking of that particular journey, not yet.
~Sapphire 03/27/03

   Following is a quote from The Book of Lost Tales I, which I found on 03/27/03 while doing research on the origins of Maia. Its interesting how it verifies the Maiar and their use of sky ships in ancient times. There are several references from various Tolkien material that speaks of the Maiar entities coming to Earth and blending in with Humans. Go to Arwens Oracle, "Arwens Revealing" page for further evidence of this history....

Then said ManwŰ, looking upon the glory of that ship as it strained to be away: "Who shall steer us this boat and guide its course above the realms of Earth, for even the holy bodies of the Valar, meseems, may not long endure to bathe in this great light." But a great thought came into the heart of Urwendi [Arien], and she said that she was not adread, and begged leave to become the mistress of the Sun and to make herself ready for that office as Il˙vatar set in her heart to do. Then did she bid a many of her maidens follow her, even of those who had aforetime watered the roots of Laurelin with light, and casting aside their raiment they went down into that pool Faskalan as bathers into the sea, and its golden foams went over their bodies, and the Gods saw them not and were afraid. But after a while they came again to the brazen shores and were not as before, for their bodies were grown lucent and shone as with an ardour within, and light flashed from their limbs as they moved, nor might any raiment endure to cover their glorious bodies anymore. Like air were they, and they trod as lightly as does sunlight on the earth, and saying no word they climbed upon the ship, and that vessel heaved against its great cords and all the folk of Valinor might scarce restrain it. --The Book of Lost Tales I, "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon"


The above photo of a nebula is the best I can find that compares to how the Maia energy orb appeared. It was more discarnate and swirling than this though. Hard to explain. Even harder to depict by a comparison of photos or drawings.


The Battle of East Harad against Sauron
03/26/03 ~ added 03/29/03

After Maias visitation I had a very clear and open spiritual channel. I lay on my bed, closed my eyes, and entered a dark vortex into what was like a wormhole. I was trying to find Arwen and tell her Maia had visited me. She had gone to the East to help inncent people.
I emerged on a battlefield and saw murky dark brown/maroon smoke rising from a distant city, and people fighting in dark dusty chaos. I didn't like this, so I "closed the channel" and came home.
I decided to go back to the battle, thinking that I might as well use this opportunity while such a channel was open. We can't do this every day. I emerged to see armies engaged in battle. One of the soldiers from the Eastern armies of Mordor or East Harad looked directly at me with a combination of fear, anger, confusion, and surprise. Then I saw a soldier from the Western army of Eriador (Or its ally) go down, being hit by some projectile or debris in his lower (left?) leg. I reached out my hand to touch him and shield him, and to try to ease the pain.
I stood up and stretched my arms out to both sides and yelled, "Stop it!, Just Stop It!!"
After that I (teleported?) to the capitol city of far East Harad. The city was under a pall of a unique murky brown/maroon smoke. I saw several magic disks floating, hovering, waiting, in the air above a building. I was not sure what to do about this. I felt like (something?) was guiding me what to do.
Using the powers of Gandalf, my mind and vision seemed to go with one disk. I asked it to try to locate Sauron. I saw a squarish white building with a tall square tower rising from the left front corner. It reminded me of an old Catholic mission, but knew it wasn't a church. It appeared abandoned, as there were no lamps burning and windows were dark. I sensed Sauron might be in its subterranian chambers, but I wasn't completely sure of this, just a feeling.
I directed the magic disks into formation, maybe 10 or possibly 20 small disks. they headed towards the white building and shot out greenish yellow rays. the rays hit the building but didn't appear to cause damage. Then all at once giant flaming arrows and spears came out of the sky from the south, perhaps from the sky-ships of Eriador.
The rays, the magic disks, the flaming spears all converged as one and struck the building. Everything was hanging there suspended in slow motion, but when those big flaming spears came from the sky, everything sped up. They struck the building, which exploded and collapsed, in a flash of fire and dusty smoke.
I immediately returned home through the wormhole and the vortex disappeared. The question is, has anyone heard from sauron since 3/26 or 3/27, 2003??

(Click here for Middle Earth Map superimposed on map of our present Earth.)

The picture below isn't exactly what I was looking for, but its similar to what I saw when those magic disks and flaming spears went into the building I saw through the wormhole.
NOTE: I do not agree with war, and hope for peace. Unfortunately these things happen, even though we would wish that they didn't. It is as Arwen said, we need to learn to understand more, and to see things from a spiritual perspective. Then perhaps war would cease.

Below is very similar to the flaming spears I saw


Enjoy Your Star Journey !