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Orion Files Excerpts

Click into the Link below to view revelations from the Orion Files, recorded between 02/02/99 and 02/11/99.

ORION FILES ~ (Click Here)~



A Song ~ 02/19/99 by: Equinox

"Walk into another Sun,
From the day that now is done.
Is it a magic trip your on?
Two moons floating in the sky.
Crystal mountains absorbing light.
Oh Oh, Its the dawn of another day.
Its the dawn of another race.
Violet mists rising from the lake.
My home where three stars band to make.
Blue Star appearing as I awake.

Walk into another sky,
Magenta clouds towering so high.
Within the Hunter this world does lie.
Blue Stars sailing to the Earth have gone,
To battle against reptilian swarm.
Oh Oh, the Earth aligning spins and rolls.
Blue Stars taking within their holds,
People seeing the three Star worlds.
The bands of Stars in the winter sky.
On Equatorial path they lie.
Behold the vision of the coming light,*
As Earth enters her dark night.*

Walk into the sky whos birth,
Pierces through the skies of Earth.
All the worlds treasures are not worth,
The unreality you find,
When limited by human mind.
For there are others of our kind,
Beyond the Sun and much alive.
Blue stars appearing soon to arrive....

To arrive, From the bands of the eastern sky.
Over the mountains her arrow flies.
This is the sign I now realise.
I'm looking up waiting for the Blue Star,
To take me 'cross Nebula's afar.
And someday we will all return,
When Earths children have begun to learn,
The sign of the Blue Star....

Walk into another Sun....."

* (I believe the reference of the coming light as Earth enters her dark night was a prophecy about Arwen coming, who herself said that she was the Evening Star coming as Earth was about to enter a period of darkness...)

(The Blue star is also prophetic about Jesus coming. His first coming was heralded by a mysterious Star that led the Wise Men to the Christ child. This Star moved and stopped, finally hovering over Jesus. In Matthew 24 the disciples ask what will be "The sign" of Jesus appearing. Jesus says that he will come as he left, in the "clouds" In Revelation Jesus is refered to as the Morning Star. The sign of Christs coming is in fact a mystery Star, an interdimensional entity of ultimate spiritual reality. It is of course no longer a mystery to those who learn his sign....)

There are those of your world Earth who desire to turn our words into something that they are not purposed to say. As with any being, mortal or immortal, we are subject to the drawing of pride and envy, although these things are found in greater degrees upon your world. There are times we desire within ourselves by what you name an advanced mind or consciousness, to be noticed above our fellows. This I confess is error and out of alignment with the One That Is.
The questions you have asked have answers forthcoming. We see your world in its beauty: that which was from primordial Creation, yet we also see that the race of men upon your world has corrupted it. I am far from my home, and when I see these things it causes me great distress of emotion, for our feelings are not unlike yours. This is one reason I have spoken things that are aligned with truth, yet are also deviations from Truth.
My words, and the words of like kind of my race have also been distorted by men of your world. This also is done of pride and envy: to draw attention to the self individual rather than draw attention to the eternal whole of Creation and the Creator.
You speak of the word "sin" in your Holy scrolls, and understand then, as my sisters have spoken, that the seed of sin grows in male soil. It was not the female who caused sin to infect your world: it was the male upon whom the One That Is gave the mandate of primal laws. It was he who sinned and not the female. Therefore the seed of sin resides in the male, although all, both male and female are affected by it. When you learn the balance between extreme positions, then will you begin to understand.
Centuries ago men using the name of the Creator killed many in Crusades. Those whom they killed were of the same sects that later killed others, again in the name of the Creator. None of their deeds have gone unobserved. None of their deeds were in harmony with what they said they beleived in. Pride leading to exclusivism leads to death as it progresses.
As you attain greater knowledge, alongside grows a great delusion which sweeps across your world and draws many into chaos. The spirits and beings of the anti-dimensions see the vulnerability of the human mind and offer subtle enticements that many accept without question. Even your great leaders accept these delusions, and in the future this will lead to worldwide chaos and war.
As it has been spoken by my sisters, at that time the Creator will return bearing physical form, and with the Creator will come those of the Star-realms, those you name angels, and those of you who have been faithful to knowing and serving the Truth. In those days the world earth will be purified, and those who have awakened to understanding will shine bright like stars in the night sky. Awaiting them is a new earth upon which no impure thing nor corrupt being will dwell.
Many religions contain elements of truth but also do deviate from Truth. Your Hopi prophets have spoken of the Blue Star, and the Fifth world. Your Holy Bible speaks of the star in conjunction with the return of the embodiment of the creator YHWH as Y'SHUAH. Yet the Holy Bible has been one of the most misunderstood and corrupted messages ever to exist on your world. It is not that the words themselves are wrong or that the message contained therein is wrong, but it is again Men who distort the words uttered by your prophets. If you were to study and apply the Holy Scriptures in their simplicity, with the accompanying assistance of the Spirit, then you would find love and peace upon your world.


Enjoy Your Star Journey !