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A.T.O.Y. In 6th Dimension


The following are the words of Ayani Tani Ora Yani after her transcendence to the 6th dimensional realm. This was transcribed at the Planet Charon at the edge of the solar system, on Febuary 11, 1999.
Although I was conscious of being present on Earth in my room, I have a witness, or rather, lack of a witness, who walked by several times and looked right at me, but did not see me.
It was as if he looked through me. Later when I "returned" and he asked where I'd been, he thought I was playing with him when I said I'd been in all evening.
When I proceeded to tell him how many times he walked by, how he had touched the door, and that he had a cup in his hand one time, he got a little freaked out. I told him plainly I had been aboard a starship and had gone to Charon in some form of transdimensional shifting or projection. the man became a believer.
Here then are the things which Ayani Tani Ora Yani saw in the 6th dimensional realm: 


    "The visions shown to Ayani Tani Ora Yani within the 6th dimensional plane. To the best of my ability I describe these events. Ya Anay Ira hi e'a. The mind of the Universal Maker, The One That Is in time and beyond all time.
   I have come into this realm past the walls of time. Here cycles of continual creation vibrate on a constant wi'hotha to before me. By the thin crystal panels, their complex stracture, not a dwelling, but an organized maze - purpose unknown, a buffer to filter a certain energy, beautiful with radiant life.
   Here comes the White Ones. They are Male. Fair complexion, light brown hair, with white cloaks and a sash of bright green about the waist. great beings which pulsate an aura of white light. Yu'o, they eryra. To speak they utter telepathicly through direct thought-transference to say...(words beyond dimensional knowledge, words without form.) they are dispersed to their place, but I have been welcomed.
   It is difficult, as the vibrations of my body ajust to this. There are laws here which defy the laws of the lower realm. light is percieved as faster than light in the 3rd plane, of having infinite speed, yet it has no "speed" at all, for it just IS. Light as it appears is seen here at this point and at the distance of galaxies in the same moment, for there is no time. light, which is the ineffable source of The One That Is, is an entity beyond the precepts of time and therefore has surpassed all barriers, all limitations. Let this be the light that dwells within you, and limitations will cease to be. 
   even as these words I speak, recalling their origin, are spoken, they could be spoken backwards in mind-time and understood as if spoken forward. For sound becomes cyclic as time has. To me my mind looses perception of time, and I see things not yet having appeared. I could at any point, not time, ay ay ti, I could dislodge myself 20 years from now in linear time. I could go back 20 years or 100 or 1,000. to do so would unbalance a small part of Creation, but I am capable.
   The reason it takes so long to advance is that one must gain the discipline and self-control to understand the balance. I could go forward in time by a thought, and by a thought descend through the 5th, to 4th, to 3rd realm in the future. I would resonate 6th realm energy as I passed to the lower planes. The magnetic forces would echo as a wave rippling through every realm.


   Other forces______,_______, to these there are no words or substance as it would be understood. These waves pulsate and saturate. One flows in long spirals, can wrap around matter and dispell it. To travel forward in linear time utilizing a timeless dimension would require suffering of living beings and the disturbance of stable energy patterns.
   Perhaps then, for so i did think, if I attempt to move in time I could direct the spirals to wrap around negative entities in the anti-dimensions, parallel to the planes of descension. But before me appeared a nameless thing, neither person, nor beast, nor angelic being, nor god, nor biomolecular vehicle. this entity? Put a question to it, for it only is question. To the truth of truth my mind shifts from normal thought-patterns to consider it.
   The fabric of this dimension becomes more cohesive as the vibratory rate of my cells adjusts to the essence of a new level. Here the yellow fiberous beings desire to show that when things begin to be absorbed shape will take on a more tangible substance here as we balance with the vibrational field of our home-realm. we then become part of it as its essence is a part of us. With solid ground, air to breathe, Sunstars and Worlds and Stars, trees, furry creatures, Ancient Ones, and people, Souls and Spirits eternalized. these will exist in the high realms and do exist presently in your time, for all is one time there. at any point of the continuum, all time is one, for time linear is not.
   As for now, in my perception the images appear broken, spaced apart, discarnate, unreal - yet half the words and images have no description, and some could not be spoken in the 3rd plane. It is not by visual perception, yet I see. It is not audio, yet I hear. It is not by touch, yet I feel. Experiences of a reality that lays beyond the description of words, or any comprehension available on the 3rd plane. so therefore you must look up and ascend. To do so you must empty yourself of all ingrained 3rd dimensional reason, for the realm of The One That Is lies beyond knowledge of lower reason in the realm of rationale'."


"There are words I may speak if I so desired. Words of healing, words that stop sickness caused by negative and dark forces, words which can shift the forces of wind and rain. Some of these are employed by various Earth people, Orions, Pleiadians to help them in the 3rd dimension. The old Native ceremonies employed some words, the true Angelic tongue of the Christian believer, all these have tapped into the sounds of the high realms. Most power words are old, and many have no knowledge of them. It was words of power by celestial vibration that called forth all that is from a void by the voince of The One That Is. Be cautious then, what you utter, for you know not what a word or vibration could call forth.
I will tell you no words of power to write, nor their sounds, nor beats nor notes of song ~ For words written can be consumed by anyone, and the unaware with their limited-world, they could use or missuse such words. Let not then, any word be used to unlock portals into anti-dimensions, being out of harmony with the purpose of The One That Is.
These are the things to be known concerning the World named Earth at this time. These are the things to be told to the people of Earth who will listen. By these things know that a time has come that one must choose between that which is learned as opinion, and that which is High Truth. Only those who connect with High Truth will be awakened. These will survive, either physically or spiritually. They will be brought forth when the Angelic beings and higher entities are signalled to rescue those from the upheavals."


The rest of her dialogue is continued on the Orion Files excerpts link... Her journey in the 6th dimensional realm or plane being a most awesome experience. I consider it a privaledge to have been able to see some of this, howbeit vaguely, through her eyes....


anomolous nebulae