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The Martian Connection

10- 3- 03

  We should not overlook the fact that other bodies in our solar system have had a direct impact on earth in the past. Immanuel Velikovsky who wrote Worlds in Collision in 1950 set forth research and theories which later were proven true. One of his theories was that mars experienced very recent cataclysms which most scientist believed took place millions of years ago.

Velikovskys research indicated long before various spacecraft confirmed it, that Mars has a vast ocean and river system recently, as recently as a few thousand years- not the billions of years planetologists theorize. The data proves if the Martian water had been gone for billions of years, erosion from wind storms would have erased all valleys, mountains, riverbeds, rifts, etc, leaving a rather uniteresting terrain of gentle rolling dunes. But this is not what Martian proves discovered. They found extensive geographical formations that could only have endured recent erosion of a few thousand years.

Furthermore, if the waterless Martian surface were millions of years old, it would have many more craters than it actually has. The evidence proves that the martian surface is relatively young.

According to Velikovsky, Mars at one time had an orbit closer to the sun than earths orbit, and also that Mars (as well as Venus) came into close proximity with Earth. At some point during this age Mars lost its water. How?

I began to speculate, and often such speculations turn to revelations. If Mars lost most of its water only a few thousand years ago, say 5,000- 6,000 years, AND also came close to earth, that places a watery Mars in close proximity to earth around the exact same time as the Flood. In the Bible, describing the Flood, it states The windows of heaven were opened..(Genesis 7:11) It is also accepted among Creation scientists that the Earth had a vapour canapy prior to the flood, a fine layer of water in its upper atmosphere that kept out harmful solar rays and kept the earths climate stable. But was this vapour canop enough to fill the Earths oceans as well as cause a world wide flood?

Theory: Mars passed within Earths orbit. Most of its water evaporated into space out of its thin atmosphere, and was caught in Earths gravitational field. It mingled with Earths existing vapour canopy. The combined weight of the water caused the deluge from the heavens, at the same time the planetary gravity effects caused the fountains of the deep to be broken up thus, the Flood.

Samples of Mars present existing water form its polar cap should verify its water to be identical to that of Earths.


Martian theories for an inhabited Mars. That there are structures on Mars built by non- natural forces is without question. But who or what built them? I propose some theories worth examination.

1) The Martian civilization became extinct when the planet lost its water some 5-6,000 years ago, during the cataclysm at that time, which not only affected Mars but affected Earth as well.

2) 2) The Martians themselves could have been the Fallen angels recorded in the Bible that were cast out ot heaven. This may be the reason mythology relates Mars to Aries, The God of War, and folklore always related Martians to evil beings that invade earth. These demons now inhabit the earth and are spirits of wickedness in high places

3) Pleiadians, Orions, or possibly another extraterrestrial race, once inhabited Mars. They predicted Mars catastrophe through their seers and simply evacuated the doomed orb.

4) Pre-flood civilization (Atlantians) mastered space flight and colonized Mars. They became proud and started an interplanetary war. The Martian people are the ones who are described in the Baghvad Gita and other ancient texts, who unleased nuclear weapons on earth prior to the flood. Both Martian and Earthen Civilizations were wiped out at the time of the Flood, (this one just came to me, therefore I believe it to be revelational fact.)

So there are the martian theories/ revelations. Kind of interesting and most likely true, the mysteries of the cosmos so profound, yet so simple when you think of it. Kind of explains the How of how God did it, sort of sending a natural bowling ball (a planet) hurtling through space so its gravitational forces would cause such an event at the precise time, and simultaneously giving Noah the prophetic insight to know it was coming_ (Perhaps even Noah saw the red orb drawing near and signs in the sky- Yes! I believe he did!)

Genesis 11 speaks of the Tower of Babel, which The people attempted to build up to heaven, "whose top may reach unto heaven and let us make us a name" vs. 4~ Here is the utmost of human pride- attempting to reach up to the heavens by his own power. God of course came down, confused the language of the people, and scattered them, saying "They begin to do this, and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do"~ (vs. 6)

Perhaps the tower of Babel was the way the post-flood people attempted to reach to other worlds again, as they had once colonized Mars. Genesis 6 does make it clear that "The Sons of God" came down and interbred with people on earth. Their offspring were "mighty men, men of renown"~ (Gen 6:4) It was some of these that mastered science and space flight probably using hydrogen fusion and crystals to power their vessels. These ones originally colonized Mars.

Martian civilization for its brief but glorious period was quite godless, or rather; it was steeped in idolatrous worship of the human mind and human form. The great Martian face sculpture is one indication of the absolute human pride, making the statement" see, Look at man, man has done this, man has conquered this world, man owns it" and just as they did later at the tower of Babel, "let us make a name for ourselves"~

The Martian colonists were so consumed by the pride of their accomplishments that they sought to break all ties with earth, and even to conquer earth, launching a war against their home world during which much o India, parts of Asia and the Mideast was devastated by Nuclear weapon. This interplanetary war gave rise to the stories in Ancient Indian and Sumerian literature of sky ships, and heavenly chariots that unleashed terrible weapons of Mass destruction, as well as equating Mars with the "God of War".

Since wickedness was ripe on both planets, God completely wiped out the Martian colonists, stripping the water from their planet, and simultaneously causing the flood upon earth, which wiped out all but a few people.

I am fairly convinced at this point that Mars was inhabited by humans, and human/ angelic (human/alien) hybrids. And that in the ancient history of our solar system, prior to the flood there was an actual "STAR WARS" where advanced weapons were used "The earth was filled with violence"~ (Gen 6:11) Some skeptics may argue there is no mention of Mars, or any off-world" civilization in Genesis. However, there doesnt have to be. The Bible deals with Earth. In addition, there are hints to beings coming down from the heavens, celestial cataclysms, and humans desire to reach into the stars. This coupled with other historical and scientific evidence points to the scenario I have proposed here.