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Conquest of Time


The following was a paper I wrote in the Summer of 2001, as I was trying to figure ot the mysteries of things I had seen and was experiencing:


"What happened 6,262 years ago one night in Egypt ~ The glowing Blue Star came and the Hawk was taken - At age 18 the young man made home on a world in the Orion system - not to see Terra for over 6,000 years.
During that time of soul-lapse - it is a mystery how no memory remains of the interluding 6,200 some odd years. There was of course the illusion of Tantura, and the potentially futuristic "memory" of Kongagu ~ with complete comprehension of culture, botany, biology, etc. - this of course in the wheel of time at a point where Tera can produce interstellar vessels.
The beloved Netani, the ceremony of Gontar-Glupathk, the battle of Jarkar Shambuta ~ all experienced only because Kataka refused to bow,.... and subjugate a pristine world.
What of the madness at mid-point, life in the nuclear world, subjected to the oppressor? Ayani Alia! If there be a mind to answer such a call, come and rescue your long lost mate! Fly upon the life of the Stars and rescue a wounded creature from the talons of a mundane society!
In the Circle of the Sky there can only be ONE time that is not time at all, but eternal - upon the wheels of time, intercept this plea and invade the neighboring wheel, let not the thin fabric of the barrier prevent your strong soul - our eternal souls should not be bound - and the fabric of Celestial laws is thinner yet as we all learn to understand the truth.
Over 6,000,000 years, over 10 million, there in a world known yet unknown, dreamed of, desired, only to be grasped by memory and then only if memory has survived and not been smothered by stronger, yet newer ones - Let all be in balance - let not one memory outwiegh another - if we can but remember all, from beginning to end, we'll see there is none but the Circle - our memories meld and dissipate - only as we realise our eternal self at the conquest of time.
Grasping this concept made simple - attaining this conquest of time - at which point the physical vessel of the wounded creature simply vanishes and is no more ~ At least it is no longer observed by mortal Humans. It becomes the observer - to hover and haunt, though not as a traditional "ghost."
To see all ~ from all angles of "time" - since time ceases, therefore the world ceases, and all that is temporarily known ceases, only the minds of the enlightened understand, and only they can make the jump to completion.
Simple souls seek simple salvation ~ the stripping of the mind, a regeneration to become something else, something new - they never see, never be, they are truly "born again" - they see not nor know not the greater things they were and are and would be -so they are babies in time and eternity becomes their womb.
Some souls say eternity becomes their tomb - but to the ones who say such nonsense - its truly the womb - they must learn all over - but once time is conquered, the memories forever fade unless we remember before we enter the timeless zone.
And by knowing these things, understanding with utter simplicity what they mean,

(As I wrote it, I saw it all. July 16, 2001 E.L.T. (Earth Linear Time.) "

(Note: 03/20/03: Looking back at these powerful, and somewhat emotional words, I believe I was connecting with something there. Not only looking back to the past, but ahead to the future, almost as if I had breached the flow of time, and had actually succeeded in a "Conquest of Time." And perhaps Arwens coming to visit me on March 10, 2003 was in some way an answer to this call, as she is related to Ayani Alia, who is her ancestor. Perhaps then there WAS a "mind" to answer the call....)


For further information on the "Hawk" taken from Egypt, please refer go to Arwens Revealing page on Arwens Oracle.


Enjoy Your Star Journey !