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Ravenwolfs StarChronicles

Conquest of Time
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A.T.O.Y. In 6th Dimension
Prophecy of Antares?
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Prophecy of Antares?

   The following are the words spoken by Antares, an 11 year old boy, on the planet Lea'Yah in the year 4,259 BC (E.L.T. ~ Earth Linear Time):

   " I saw Earth. I saw it through a storm of Stars like rain-darts from the orange clouds. Then I was there! I was on earth! I saw bad things. people fighting and taking things from each other.
    I saw a place where there were high stone towers with crystal panelled sides. The paths were black and there were ground-craft all over the paths.
   I could smell a bad smell like burning. I got sick."
                                   ~ Antares, 4259 BC
    ~ as remembered and transcribed 02/21/99


Above: The Red Star Antares

GALADRIEL, Of Antares Sisters Line


Our True Ancient History