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The 7 Planes

   The following is based on a culmination of research and experiences starting in 1994, which has been confirmed by numerous sources since that time....

Definitions from Stephen Hawking "The Universe in a Nutshell" ~
Brane: An object which appears to be a fundamental ingredient of M-Theory, that can have a variety of spatial dimensions.
M-Theory: A theory that unites all 5 string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single theoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood.
Brane World: A 4 dimensional surface or Brane in a higher dimensional spacetime.
              ~ From Universe in a Nutshell , pgs. 202 & 205
   Hawking admits, at least as of 2001, that the M-Theory (The theory of Everything) does not have a single formulation, but instead there are a network of apparently different theories that all seem to be approximations to the same underlying fundamental theory in different limits. (pg. 175)
   A Brane/Bubble (Sphere) containing Universe(s) could have other Brane/Bubbles formed outside of it, in an ever expanding scenario. (pg 199)
   I discovered a similar theory based on Spiritual revelation by an obscure book "Dolphins, ET's, & Angels" extracted from Urantia Book pg. 125 (pg. 133) in which there are 7 superuniverses and we are one of 100,000 local universes. It also says there are 4 "Space Levels" (Or Realms) This book, while published in the 80's, I only ran across recently in 2003.
   On 02/17/99 I discovered an obscure Eastern philosophy book with a diagram "Executed under the direction of Maher Baba." I don't even know the name of the book itself, as I only have chapter 16 - "The Four Journeys" which does not contain the books title. However, the diagram by "Maher Baba" shows an "Infinite Gross Sphere - throughout which are some planets which contain the 7 kingdoms of evolution." There are 6 planes arising in the "Subtle World and Mental world" - "Planes which few persons embark on." After those 6 planes there is ascencion into a 7th realm - "The Infinite God." (pgs. 22 - 26)
   So I found 3 independent confirming sources supporting the existance of these multiple realms and multidimensions between 1999 and 2003. These souces verify Ayani Tani Ora Yani's journey into the 6th Dimensional plane as I recorded on this site. It also confirms a journey I had in 1994....
                               JOURNEY INTO THE 7 REALMS
   This takes me back to December 1994, when I recieved a vision through astral Projection, or some form of Consciousness travel. I wrote a 20+ page document entitled Journey into the 7 realms, which unfortunately was lost or destroyed a few years later. however, I will write what I can remember of it.
   I was sitting on my couch and it seemed my consciousness left my body. I sailed into space and heade for the Sun. I actually flew through the Sun, right through the core, and out the other side. I sailed at a fantastic speed, accelerating, thousands of times the speed of light. I sailed past galaxies and came to the end of the universe. Yes, it had an end, a barrier of sorts. I breached this barrier like going through a thin sheet or elasticy bubble.
   I discovered on this journey there were 4 realms beyond our universe, realms of white, yellow, light blue, and red. Beyond them were a realm of fire, then water. At the end of that was a "shore" of infinity. So there were actually 8 realms, but I do not count our present physical one, only the realms that were beyond our average perception. There were 7 of these.
   This was an Astral journey. I flew through the Sun, and then on to the edge of the Universe, to discover the barrier, which I breached, and entered a sperical realm containing trillions X trillions squared of Universes. Beyond that another Realm containing a like number of previous realms, EACH containing those multitude of black universes.And so on it went, up through 4 sperical Realms, each containing multitudes of the previous forms of Realms. This may sound confusing, but it was rather simple to experience.
   Then there was a realm of Fire, then, beyond that a Realm of water, or at least what appeared as water. It seemed fluid, and I did emerge on a "shore" which was the shore of infinity. There I was met by Biblical Prophets, 2 of which were John the Baptist and the Apostle Paul. The latter told me that this was the place he had been on an Astral journey, he called it the "3rd Heaven" in II Corinthians 12:1 - 4. He had entered Paradise, hearing unspeakable things it was unlawful (not permitted) to utter.
   In fact, I was not allowed to speak of this to anyone for at least 10 months. Not that anything bad would happen, but thats just how it went. At one point I felt very detached and percieved Earth so far away, back through all those multi-realms. For a moment I literally felt and heard every Truth, every Lie, and every Thought ever uttered by every living being, everywhere. this lasted only one to two seconds. Then I experienced what I can only describe as a "brain circuit overload" and my consciousness snapped back into my body. the journey back didn't take long, only seconds, whereas the journey out took many minutes, perhaps an hour.
   I wrote down what I had just experienced. It was  a mind shaking experience - free of any drugs, and beyond anything one would experience with drugs. Indeed, only a Soul and Spirit free of intoxication could even enter such a place and percieve the forms accurately.
   So when I study the awesome research of Hawking and others in the field of Quantum mysteries, theorizing about such realities, I casually think, "Been there - Done that." It is indeed a Reality!
   And yet, I am just a Human on Earth (Sometimes!), with a little Elven/Orion/Pleiadian ancestory, who likes to get their hands dirty in the garden, and relax by a campfire ~ by all outer appearances average. But what is average? The truth is, any person can access these realities, if they only open their minds by faith. there is a vast multidimensional place of infinite knowledge and intricate subtleties out there, and its accessable within us, as close as a mere thought; "I want to believe."....As for me, I DO BELIEVE.
   (Note: "Paranormal" and "Supernatural" are terms I've used but maybe I shouldn't. these experiences are perfectly normal and natural to those who experience them. They can be as natural as eating or sleeping, waking up to a new day...)

Enjoy Your Star Journey!