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 NOTE! ~ I was recently contacted by a reporter from Turkey who revealed that this "creature" is actually a rock carving in a cave in England. It is so realistic looking that it does appear real. It is sad that some people, such as the man who originally posted it, or his friend, would stoop so low as to use this as a hoax.
I will update this report soon!
I will freely admit to error if it is proven to be such... 02/28/04
Part of the letter from the Turkish Journalist:
"Here's the general information about the "cave creature" case:
Researcher's name: Ali Murat Guven (Turkish journalist, documentary filmmaker and paranormal researcher)
The case: Famous "cave creature" is a sculpture in Cheddar Showcave near Bristol, Middle-England. This scalpture was built there in 1995-96 as a funny decorative equipment.
The "jinn" appeared on the net 1998-99 first time. This is a joke of a British businessman who took a snopshot inside the cave. He went Saudi Arabia for a business trip and gave this shot to some Arabic teens. And then, the legend was born in middle-east.
The authorities of the Cheddar Showcave are conforming all this story."  Contact:
 Below is a photograph I pulled off another site. It was titled "Satan" ~ but it looks more like Gollum in his cave. This photo was taken in the Mid-East by a mans wife on a trip. The story goes that the locals think its "Satan" or some sort of demon. They say it is showing forth waves of hatred. I disagree.
   This poor creature is scared. Granted, to our senses it is "ugly" and frightening looking. It is trapped in that cave and is afraid because people are constantly going in there, and the camera flashes hurt it. Its expression is no different from that of any cave dwelling creature exposed to bright light.
   Several weeks ago I was able to get some spiritual revelation on this creature. I believe it was once human or perhaps a human/Elfin hybrid. It was caught in the cataclysm when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire from heaven. The intense pulse of the blast caused this creature to somehow become morphed and melded with the rock of the cave. In fact, its molecular etheric structure is part rock. Its been trapped there for millenia. Notice how its one arm appears trapped, and its clubbed hand and foot appear to be morphing into a rocklike substance?
   If you view the "Elf" on Arwens Oracle, that I photgraphed in Maine, its face also appears to be of a stony or rocklike substance. The natives of America speak of "The Rock People" in their legends.
   I did not take this photo, but it appears authentic, as did the report, which was by a Muslim man. I disagree highly though, that this creature is Satan. That little thing?? Satan is described as a large and beautiful "Angel", not a little Elfin cave creature, in the Bible.
   What we have here may very well be Gollum himself, or a form of a Gollum type creature....


Several weeks ago I had a friend who works in computers and graphic arts take a look at both this "Gollum" photo, and the photo of the "Elf" I took in Maine. (See Arwens Oracle, Photographic Proof of Elves page)
With the photo I took, he entered it into his computer, enlarged it, and used the highest resolution. His statement after this was, "Its undetermined. There's too much symetry for it to be just a natural random thing. The eyes, nose and mouth appear too symetrical."
With the "Gollum" photo, although we did not have the original, he did look at it in the computer. His comment was this, "That looks pretty authentic. The way it blends in with the rock in the background. It doesn't appear staged."
So I have had these photos analysed by someone who is very familiar with graphic arts and computer generated images. With computer images you can usually tell the background is slightly different than the subject being photographed against the background. Usually this can be observed without the aisd of computer analysis. In the case of the Gollum photo, it seems apparent this is not a hoax. With my photo, I know its not a hoax since I staged nothing.
In Genesis 19 it does speak of Lots wife, who, when she looked back to see the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah burning, was turned into "A pillar of salt." Salt is a mineral, a rocklike substance.  Technically, Lots wife morphed into rocksalt. This photo supports that ancient Biblical legend. Perhaps Lots wife was not the only one who suffered such a fate....


  The painting above of Gollum from Middle Earth bears a striking resemblance to the "Gollum" photo taken in the cave.

   These are the statements made concerning the Gollum creature from the man whos wife took the photograph. I personally believe this was sparked by religious paranoia  in certain cultures stereotypes concerning "devils":Some time ago a friend of my wife's and a group of friends made a trip to historical sites in the Middle East. During the tour she had a chance to visit a cave on one of the hills around the holy city of Makkah. Inside, she was attracted by-she swears it was nothing but-a bright light perched on the cave's wall, and took a picture of it. When she returned home the rolls of film she used during the trip were developed. And she was surprised to see a picture of a creature she never saw before in her life. She took the picture and showed it to her spiritual teacher. The Ustadzah explained that it was Satan in one of its forms, as was described by her teacher decades ago while she was still in school. Subhanallah! She made copies of the picture, my wife took one, and I scanned it for you to see (for larger image click here). The waves of sheer hatred, intense telepathic bursts of raw hatred felt by me in the unseen presence of some of the harassing entities might well echo the demeanor of this clearly interdimensional creature; note the veins of the rock which bisects its waist, like a belt; it is transparent. Again, I am convinced that since a hateful bottom spectrum of the unseen universe exists-I, too, have been grabbed and shaken by demons, large, black and strong as a bull-that a goodness, top-spectrum of the unseen spirit world MUST exist; I have sneaked into faith by the rear door. The last sentence of the letter accompanying this pix was; MAY ALLAH PROTECT US ALL FROM DEVILS

Note: Several Spiritual people I know have looked at this picture, and most feel that the creature is just afraid, not sending out waves of hatred and evil....