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Era IV Physics

I would suggest as recomended reading for anyone interested in the mysteries found on these pages to get a copy of, "Beyond the Quantum" by Michael Talbot. Its an older book, (1986, 1988) but not obsolete by any means. It offers numerous explanations of the material on this site. Although this book was in circulation, I did not read it until early 2003.
Beyond the Quantum deals with such subjects as the Non-Locality of our consciousness, the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe; "Everything interpenetrates everything," (Pg. 45) "In a Universe that is infinitely interconnected, consciousness can be anywhere it wants to be." (pg. 181), That "There is a symbiotic organization of awareness drawn from a variety of sources of intelligence," (pg. 209), That the phenomenon of "Teleportation" can occour simply by the "information patterns" of an object being transferred to another place, much like one can click the curser on a computer screen from one place to another." (pgs. 159 - 165)
When I didscovered this book earlier this year (2003) it confirmed much of what I learned during my Orion experience in 1999. Before that time I knew very little about physics theory and research. After The Orions visited with me, I began to read a lot of physics. What I read confirmed what I had experienced, even down to some of the little nuances....



In Beyond the Quantum it speaks of Era I physics as being the physics of Galileo and Kepler, or the cataloguing of motion with no explanation of motion; Era II physics being the mechanics of Newton through quantum theory, or the cataloguing of law that explained change, but with no explanation of the law. Era III physics is the culmination, or deciphering, of physical law itself. (pg. 175)
I took it upon myself to enter my own footnote in the margin of the book:
"Era IV: The understanding of that which is beyond physical law, and takes place outside of matter in the higher dimensions. (Not just supposition and speculation, but actual comprehension as fact.) And real personal experience of these realms we study."
Stephen Hawking also has presented some theories that add support to this in his book "The Universe in a Nutshell" published in July 2001. He even devotes a chapter to "Time Travel" (Protecting the Past) ~ pgs. 131 - 153. In this chapter Hawking discusses the existance of "Time Loops." This is the mode of travel the Orions explained to me in 1999, which they use to travel great distances in linear space.
Hawking makes a funny statement: "So if a beautiful Alien in a flying saucer invites you into her time machine, step with care. You might fall into one of these trapped repeating histories of only finite duration." (pg. 144) I had to laugh when I read this. Four years prior to my reading this book, I HAD been aboard an interdimensional craft that transcended certain time barriers! (Refer to Orion Files page on Arwens Oracle) And the Orions were certainly beautiful, as you can see in my drawing on that page, which is a fairly accurate depiction of the beings I spent 9 days with.
But Hawking is approaching the Time Loop subject as a vehicle to enter the past. The Orions didn't do this. In fact, Ayani Tani Ora Yani explained while she was in the 6th dimension, that even though in the higher dimensions one could go back in time, it would cause certain sufferings and disruptions. (Refer to A.T.O.Y. in the 6th Dimension) I wrote the following on March 1, 2003 in regards to Time Loops:

by: Sapphire Starcrystal

"In Febuary 1999 interdimensional entities from Orion showed me their concept of Time Loop Travel (TLT) They use this by accessing a time loop at one point in "time" and "space", then transecting it, to cross over to another part of the loop, but at a greater distance in linear space.
In other words, they don't remain in the Time Loop, they are able to separate from it before it would bring them to a point of repeating histories. In "the Universe in a Nutshell" Stephen Hawking explains Time Loops, but states you would either be trapped in repeating histories, or else get wiped out by a bolt of radiation when crossing the time travel horison. But he is refering to going back in time to the past, not crossing great distances in space in less time, as the Orions do.
Therefore I think TLT is feasable if a Time Loop is crossed at the greatest distance of linear space, but a lesser distance of time, such as intersecting the point of the loop where time has returned, but hasn't yet met up with its starting point. Since actual space is 4 directional, or, rather, omnidirectional, and not flat as a whole, some Time Loops would occour across this omnidirectional space. These are not wormholes or cosmic strings, but specific time flows looping back upon themselves that occour in linear space.
This phenomenon also can only occour by way of a phazing resonance in the 4th to 5th dimensional realms, which allows for such phenomenon due to the lesser gravitational forces involved..."
The mechanics of this are described in my "Concepts of Time" letter, written on 11/02/01, which was sent to a friend who works in the field of neuropsychology science and research. I had mentioned in that letter about moving beyond the mechanics of these things, to be able to experience them and actually visit them ourselves. (Concepts of Time link is near bottom of this sites Home page.)
I can compare this difference between studying the mechanics and actually visiting the realms to times when I've moved to new towns in different states in this country. Before I move, I would usually study everything I could about the place I was going to, the town, city, wilderness, fishing spots, hiking trails, maps, culture, traditions, economics, photos of the town, etc. Then when I actually moved there I almost fit in as a local right away, and did not come across as a tourist. In fact, I've been in some locales only one or two days and had tourists ask me directions to local places, which I'm usually able to give them, even though I may have actually been in town for less time than they have!
My point being, all my study and research of the places prior to my actually moving there, cannot compare to the actual experience of being there, no matter how much detail of the locations I was able to aquire through study. Before I went I could tell you how to get to a lake, how deep it was, what houses were around its shore, what kind of fish lived in it, but I couldn't tell you how it smelled, or how it felt, without actually being there myself.
While scientists and physicists study the mathematical models, perform their experiments, observing tangible results, and write their theories in laboratories, I've been able to actually visit the realms they speak of in their research, often returning with the same knowledge of information their theories explain. And on occasion, knowledge beyond that, or before the time of its publication, or at least before I've read the publications. For instance, Febuary 1999 the Orions explained to me and demnostarted Time Loop Travel, July 2001 Stephen Hawking publishes about it, which I didn't actually read until Febuary 2003.
Does this make me then, "smarter" than Hawking? NO WAY! It was the Orions who told me and showed me these things. I didn't figure them out on my own. The Orions are the "geniuses" simply because they are able to exist in multidimensions and live for centuries, perhaps eternally. Therefore the "Alien" intelligence of the Orions and like beings has access to information that the human mind on its own in the 3 dimensional world has much difficulty discovering. But we now know there ARE ways of discovering it simply by spiritual, or, transdimensional access. Some Shamans and Prophets have done this for millenia, then for some reason most Humans lost these capabilities simply due to a materialistic approach to life. Thankfully we are begining to reawaken to these possibilities and discover these realities open before us.

~ Sapphire Starcrystal 03/20/03

Enjoy Your Star Journey !