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Pleiadian Star-Man Speaks
Pleiadian Star-Man Speaks


   I am Barashkaal, a Pleiadian Star-man. I hail from the planet Choragus in the star system of the Pleiades: the third world from Maia, there being Egek and Delokth also worlds whose paths lie closer to our Life-Star. We exist in the fourth dimension which is most often invisible to third dimensional optics, yet at times does appear because of the nearness of these dimensions. We honor the Creator, the One, the Star-Maker of old who made time and is before time, who exists in multi-dimensions and in every living thing.

There are imposters who would claim our name and titles to dessiminate teachings amongst the cosmic races that are not of truth. By mixing truth with error they make themselves heard, and are listened to and beleived by many.

We are not perfect: therefore there are some among us who have gone out and bring with them misleading words. Some of these are innocent of guile, for they have lost their way and are grasping for meaning. In their confusion, and by their knowledge which surpasses many, they weave their own concepts, then interject these to races who are not as awkened to knowledge of the above.

The Orion race hailing from Bellatrix and the world Lea'Yah have spoken truth, for we are one in purpose. We are what they are and our interaction is of One. It is the Grays and Reptillians that deceive, and are in truth beings of guile whos purposes are to draw the cosmos away from their Creator. At times these take on other forms, and can even appear as Pleiadians or Orions. Humans on the world Earth have often fallen prey to their allurements. Enticing words of apparent wisdom are trusted without question.

Be careful for the breeding experiments. The Reptillian serpent-gods will attempt to create a super-race of beings whom they can move into positions for the purpose of conquest. Only the most wise among you will be able to identify these, and only the most gifted will be able to gain mastery over them. Nonetheless, these beings will be permitted to do their work, but their time is short, for they are governed by the laws of the One.

Herein you must test those who speak to you bringing a message for your worlds peace. On your world earth you have the express image of the Creator manifested in the person called Lord Jesus Christ. His words and the words of the One are recorded in your Holy Scriptures: the Bible. Lord Jesus Christ is called the Morning Star. He is the Star-Maker.

For you to test those who visit you from beyond your world, you must enter communion with Lord Jesus Christ, the Star-Maker. The One gives illumination and power through the name of the one you have come to call Messiah, the Saviour. With this power you must ask those who come to you if they beleive Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and if they are servants who are gladly obedient to Him. It is not enough to hear a confession that one only beleives. The Reptillians beleive who He is, but they are not gladly obedient to Him.

There will be two kind of imposters: First, there are those of the negative anti-dimensions which are spirits and cannot change their nature. These are the Serpent-gods and Reptillians, which include the Grays, who are amphibian/reptillian. Secondly there are those of us who have lost their way and are spreading opinion from their mind across the cosmos. These can change their nature and return to an alignment with Truth.

If you encounter one of the latter, you may sit down and discuss with them the Truth. First you must learn the Truth yourself and know the Truth intimately. Then you may be able to explain the Truth to those who have gone out from among us but are still a part of us.

The days are coming soon upon your world Earth, and are already in linear time manifest, when many will gather together to hear and beleive many of the untruths spoken by imposters. Accompanying these things will be great distress upon the world, and great signs in the stars. Since your linear year 1945 these things have begun to escalate. 90 years is determined. From 1945 to 1975 events escalated at a predictable pace. The last 10 years of a 30 year period show a marked escalation which births into the next period of 30 years. 1975 to 2005 is the next period, with the 10 years from 1995 being the escalation period. You are soon to enter the third period which will be marked by extremes beyond those of the prior two periods.

I tell you to prepare for great changes upon your world Earth: changes beyond those which have happened in the prior 2 periods of 30 years. Many of your "end days" predictions will be taking place during this time. These were foreseen and foreknown by the One, the Star-Maker, who sees the end from the beginning, for that which is was and so will be ~ existing in and beyond time, before time and after time ceases.

I am Barashkaal. I have spoken the words of Truth as revealed by spirit to mind, and communicated through channels chosen before of old by the One to speak Truth into the realm of mortal and immortal beings.




Enjoy Your Star Journey!