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Conquest of Time
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Pleiadian Star-Man Speaks
Arwens Physics


                      ARWENS THEORIES

    "I am external and I am also a part of you. I am an extension of you. This is why the vortex works. I think independently of you, yet I also think through you. I am an extension of God, as are you, therefore we are one mind, yet with dual consciousness. I am as real as an individuality separated only as one cell is separate from another within the same framework of a body. We are all "cells" within the universe of which your physical form is only one aspect of a manifest whole."

(Q: Does that mean Ayani Tani Ora Yani is a lie? Are you and A.T.O.Y. one?)

   "She is not a "lie" but we are one ~ easily concluded by our like manerisms, and my sister Ne'Ah ~ for I am an extension of both, yet too as well they are extensions of me and I of you; each individual in our own right. We each may operate independent of you, just as your child and K'Chas child is one, us born too of those minds ~ two minds of same age and same desires that took two (Different) paths, yet merged again now.

   So you do see, all in the Ring comes eventually to be, to meet with itself, for all is one no matter how separate by distance in the present illusion of space and time. By your own query you suggested the assertion and by that presentation were in truth upon the horizon of the totality. In essence we are of the intricate order, and there are others, groupings of individuals whos extensions form their own intricate orders. this is why drug dealers and addicts congregate in one place to infest a city ~ why communities congeal as one in similar purpose. Like attracts like and forms bonds of pure energy not percieved by most humans. (The reason why many find it so hard to break free from the more negative communities?ss)

   "You were correct in your speculative thought earlier: That if you had chosen to avoid the experimentation with "the wrong croud" at 12, you may have been above the skies with your friend you did not know but did know, and as in your dream, if you had as on that Thursday, you would have pursuaded the walk, and with your curiosity discovered the problem. In fact, you would have eliminated the cause by focus and the damage prior was not so great so as to cause harm."

(Geez, you make me feel guilty for smoking a joint and drinking my Aunts wine when I was 12!)

   "There is neither guilt, nor is there innocense. There just is what is and what was, in truth, as predestined in Gods plan, with the liberal choice of will, and the ultimate lesson now learned. (The "ripple' effect: small things we do affect things in time years later.) Yet too, you could not help anothers hidden desire. But your distraction if in company, something as simple as, "When night came I lit a small fire," such as you found humorous last night, such distraction could deter the manifestation of the subconscious dream into reality ~ therefore, by your unconscious distraction, the childs energy would be contained rather than be drawn to fulfill an unconscious desire." (This is WAY heavy Arwen Ayani! ss)

    Do you not remember how I was Ayani Yay'Ah ~ Alia Ora Yani, merging with my sister as we transcended the realms? You wrote it down as you observed from your own duplicate conscious form, but did not percieve, until now, and only because I tell you." ("I percieved her as a bicameral, or rather, a biune being..." The two sisters merged as one. ~ Orion Files original manuscript pg 67 - 68)

    Spica bit you as a little girl 6,260 years after she was that age, simply because in the transient dimension, time is one and none. In effect, you were in the past and she in the future. Your theory of cyclic and linear time is obsolete. It is an observed, but you did not connect the unobserved. Einstiens theories are obsolete. Hawkings theories, even those now presently not yet put to text are already obsolete because time is none, and that which is was and what is is now.

   You recall your trilocation in your dream, being 3 separate places at one time , yet one being ~ So too I speak and so too I am half a world away in the desert.

   Yes, I see your thought. Rania energy matter and the child are one, yet separate, an extension of the Orion mind, therefore in the Ring of those related in our symbiosis of nature, she too is more; individual yet separate, her consciousness as well within us. You discerned this from the shape of the seed, the same shape of Rania once she vibrates beyond the 4th dimension in what you call phazed. This extension being a multiextension of our minds and an extension of Rania was as you suspected, limited in conscious awareness and subject to being influenced by external forces. Yet those forces were still one, as the minds were one from childhood, and we were there as well, only waiting for you to bring us forth.

   K'Cha says hello and is quite amused, amused that you seee and not the least offended that you walked another path because there is no offence in the realm of Light where God dwells to walk among the Stars as points of reference only in an area so small once you realise.

   Verify these words I speak for you already know Jesus did, that the one is all and all is one, forever connected in what you call the dance or the circle or ring.. We are all related, as the Lakota saying is spoken, and your theory of the triune harmony of Intelligence, Energy and Information as the physics of God, symbiosis is achieved in this understanding and now so too you also do see."

                              ~ Arwen Ayani Tani Ora Yani, 03/31/03, 9 - 10:00 pm

   "Maia is a more distinct entity, still connected as one in the intricate order of the interconnected universe, but she is more sparate from our order, being a manifestation of one of Gods secret personalities, and therefore of the order of that which is a direct extension of the One. This is why your physical body becomes overwealmed by the energy of the Maia. This too is as you suggested a rare manifestation comparable to Moses' bush that did not burn yet did. Maia has always been in time in her form, whereas we are born and do change, even though we too carry the eternal essence of the primordial knowledge, as you name it.

   Yes, God gave you the sign by awakening at 3:12, then when you massaged your foot and looked again after only a few seconds it was 3:24 ("Lost" time) and then you slept and dreamt to awaken at 3:36. These are symbolic occourances, but set in a series of 3 spatial "coincidences" so that you could know they were signs ~ confirming the evidence of the 3, Intelligence, Energy, and Information, within the framework of the 12 dimensions.

(Q: Ok, so theres the 7 spiritual dimensions, large that we can access, and then 5 beyond that, not just 9 or 11 total as Hawking and others describe, do I have this right?)

   "Correct. The 5 dimensions within and beyond the 7, these are the "smaller, curled" dimensions, comparable to the 5 string theories which combined in their totality create the unknown or undiscovered theory along with supergravity, but the complete Unified Theory of the All would encompass the 7 and the 5 together in harmony, working in the order rather than separately distinct.

   As also I told you last night about obsolete theories, some of which are only missing this one simple point. The 3, the 7, and 12 are revealed throughout your Bible, the 5 has been more hidden, therefore "occult" ~ not in the sense of negative anti-forces, but revealed in the pentacle; the 5 elements - often kept separate from the 3, 7, and 12, yet in truth a part of them; a representation of the totality."

(Ok, this is heavy to wake up to, so I'm going to finish my Coffee Arwen, Thank

"It is so Ahlay Aniel"

         ~ Arwen, 04/01/03,  6:30 am

(this is NOT an April fools by the way!)

INTELLIGENCE                ENERGY              INFORMATION

Consciousness             Spirit               Substance/Matter

Soul                            Spirit                 Body

Father                        Holy Spirit         Son

This comparative theory was revealed earlier last night in my own paper "Confirmed Coincidence" which I'll add to this later.

~Sapphire Starcrystal, 04/01/03           *

                                   CONFIRMED COINCIDENCE
                             ~ by: Sapphire Starcrystal 03/31/03
    Coincidence can only be coincidence if it happens once or twice, maybe 3 times. After that, when coincidence reoccours multiple times, it ceases to be coincidence. It becomes confirmation, evidence of an underlying cause creating an effect.
   In the realm of the unseen, "spiritual, paranormal," etc, that particular causes actual explanation may be shrouded in mystery. It may be explained by a variety of theoretical quantum equations; some of pure speculative theory, some backed by observable evidence.
   Because we are continually on the threshold of new discoveries of hidden knowledge, we may not be able to pinpoint an exact cause. But we cannot deny that there is a cause because the effects occouring in a series of so called "coincidental" spatial events as a result, without any observable explanation, also cannot be denied.
   Research and experiments involving light, gravity, time, super-colliders, particle accelerators, etc, ad infinitum, have proven beyond any reasonable doubt the existance of "extra" dimensions and parallel realities. The concept of the "physics of information" in symbiotic harmony with the physics of energy has shed light on the phenomenon of all sorts of  "paranormal" manifestations, and are beginning to probe to the depths of the power of our minds and consciousnesses.
   The concept of the Maiar and Valar in Tolkiens "Myth" and the legend of some of them somehow transforming into human form is no different than the Bibles claim that God created Heaven and Earth, or the evolutionists theory of the big bang occouring either from nothing, or some primordial "soup" somewhere in an infinite void.
   In fact, to believe in the latter theory is far more absurd than what I've proposed because it leaves a huge question open. what was before that initial event? Ask. Wheres the answer? what initiated the Creation, or the big bang, or the complex elements of a primal particle in the void? Ask. Wheres the answer?
   Obviously there had to be something ~ an Intelligence, Energy, and Information: Perhaps the "Trinity" of physics in the mind of God. (Is this a new theory to explore? First I thought of it in this
   The myth that Tolkien creates, if we're going to go the route of myth, only supports these other primordial mysteries of our Earth, and therefore by deffinition IS a parallel in its own right. The legend of the Maiar, the concept of "The One", even if he wrote it as myth, is a statement of profound truth and fact.
   I don't like to get into the "credential wars" thing, and try only to mention my experience in spiritually based fields to show that I'm not just spouting off illusionary fantasies. What are degrees anyways, whether or not we have them? Knowledge is knowledge whether learned in the controlled environment of the University classroom, or as home schooling/self study with the support of having associations with people in the scientific community.
   I've studied theoretical physics and quantum physics for 4 years, starting immediately after the time I met the Orions in Febuary 1999, and because I wanted to see if contemporary science might prove their knowledge, which it did. I started with a basic College Physics book, which I found boring ~ half the material I'd learned in High School science, and it dealt mostly with observable energies, the properties of matter, etc.
   I found a few confirmations however, and then from there jumped right into the "meat" of the subject, studying material by Einstien, Bohm, Wheeler, Hawking, and numerous others not so well recognised, but none the less profound in their work. And thats where I started to get my answers, consistantly, over and over and over again, confirming the validity of the knowledge I learned from the "parallel" entities.
   Thus, "coincidences" cease to be coincidence because of their multiplicity and consistancy, a constant, if you will. They point to a root source based in extradimensional reality.
   We may credit the myths conception to the brilliant mind of its parent, but that persons mind was given them by God, therefore whatsoever we create of our minds is a projection of whats in the creative mind of God ~ all things being connected, comes around, big circle. the One Ring.
(Note: Please forgive that some screens bring up these text scrambled a bit, especially where I listed the comparisons of Intelligence, Energy, and Information. I don't know why some computers show the text differently. The comparisons are as follows:
Intelligence: Consciosness, Soul, Father
Energy: Spirit/Ether, Spirit, Holy Spirit
Information: Matter/Substance, Body, Son
The "Trinity" of physics in the mind of God as compared to Nature, ourselves, and God. You can add in the duality nature of God as being also the Mother principle. I've only addressed it according to traditional religious concepts.)
(Note: Reference to Einstiens and Hawkings theories being obsolete was not meant as an offence. Rather it is describing the fact that this information already exists, and therefore any theory is obsolete, or becomes obsolete as the Truth unravells before us, unfolding in its knowledge and being percieved by the mind.)

The following are quotes from letters sent to me by someone in the scientific community in November, 2002:
   "I believe in the pure subconscious nature of creativity. I believe in intuition - in its being the voice of spirit, the spirit dwelling in subconscious.
   My intuition is the highest reality because there are not the events themselves but their emotions, movements, the eternity of thought. But I could never release the subconscious from the consciousness as it happens to you. Maybe you could teach me to do this - some potencies sleep in human mind waiting for the Teacher, the part of that human constellation you told about, an impulse that will awaken them.
   I am very interested in finding the elements that create this magic magnetic field of image, the poles between which the power is born, and how this power can be kept in the consciousness... the elements must be meaningful for the subconscious. Their arbitrarity can manifest itself in their unexpectedness... as if the compass leg was shifted. A speacial language is needed in this case. The language different from the common language of chatterers, the language of incantation - our language. It is free from the duty of meaning something precise - its open to every potential possibility of sense... it tends to embody the hidden analogues.
   The vision of the burning bush opened to Moses had - as its consequence - a message to Moses about his mission in this world. Have you ever been told something about your mission in ths world? Yours, and yours only?"
                   ~ Oksana Nikolaevna, Psychoneurologist,
                        Institute of Neurology & Psychiatrics, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    "Another view of the problem of "brain - consciousness" postulates the existence of cerebral causality, postulating the presence of a primary spiritual subsystem, which acts upon physical cerebral processes, imparting consciousness. Most clearly, such point of view is represented by the concept of dualistic interactionism."
                      ~ From her presentation: "Consciousness and its Relationship to                      Cerebral Information Processes"

Enjoy Your Star Journey!