Poems and Songs that relate to Arwen

    Any poetry or songs here by "Equinox" are those composed by myself~ I recorded much of this played on a stringed harp.
                                       Sapphire Angel
                        by: Equinox, Equinox I, August  1999
   Sapphire Angel,   Sapphire Angel,  I know you are out there, and you know that I know.
   Sapphire Angel,   Sapphire Angel,  You know that I've seen you, and you know that I know.
   Sapphire Angel,   Sapphire Angel,  I know you are out there, and you know that I know.
   Sapphire Angel,   Sapphire Angel,  There's things about you, only I could know,
    Only I could know,    Only I could know,
Sapphire Angel,  Sapphire Angel,   Sapphire Angel,
   You know that I know....
                                            Dream Secrets
                                  By: Equinox, March 14, 2003
   So you think you know the way.  Look today, the secrets of your dreams.
   Upon the Sea of Time you sail, within the veil. Secrets of your dreams.
When you think its figured out, she comes to you, and tells you now revealed.
   In the nights so silent peace, comes a vision, from whats been concealed.
   New dawn on horizon shines, the darkness fades, in brightness of the day.
   Every secret dream unfolds, to show you now, the path along the way.
                                                 Sun Fae
                                   by: Equinox, March 17, 2003
   A Sunfae appeared on rays dancing in,
                       Lighting through my window, reflecting off the wind.
  Little golden Sunfae, dancing on the Sun ray.
                         For a moment in the hall, and then she floats away....
                                                                 Little Sunfae......
   Oh Little Sunfae,
              Come to say goodmorning, reflecting through the window.
   The Sun behind the wall, so how did she come in?
                         The rays of Golden Sunshine through the clouds I can't explain. Where'd you come from, O Little Sunfae?
                        Reflecting off the glass on the house across the way, Little Sunfae.
    And as I say these words, the Sun comes bright again, reflecting from the window and entering within,
               Little Sunfae,
Come to say goodmorning on the reflection of the ray,
                          Little Sunfae...........


  This poem was made in connection with Arwen's beautiful message on Peace.      
                                            A Pearl of Hope
                                         by Lisa Star  March 20, 2003
How lovely are a string of pearls, each pearl a kind of wish from thee.
This Earths in chaos, yes it's true, you know much of the desprite need.
A pearl of  your serenity.
You're a Light of Hope to many not few, a Glowing Star radiant and true.
In the dream you vigilantly watch, and guide us through the night unseen.
You are a Precious One.
You live inside, our Sister Star, with heart and love of purity.
You whisper peace and soothe our minds, and fan an eternal hope.
A Pearl of Peace to All.

                                      "Look Inside" 

                            by LisaStar,  March 17, 2003  


Sit quiet, listen to the silence. Hush, listen to your mind.

   Hush, a voice is calling ...can you hear it , can you hear it?

Sit quiet, see the flower placed deep within the stars.

   Hush, feel the ones around you...can you sense it, do you see it?

An eternal peace is found deep within your heart.

    Sit quietly look inside... do you see it, can you feel it?





Lament For Arwen
~ A Poem ~ by: Sapphire Starcrystal 03/18/03

Where are you Arwen?
Have you drifted out on the tide of the Sea of Time, to rejoin Aragorn in your home Realm?
Will you return?
How does the cycle of time wash the waves of its Sea upon my world?
I heard your voice, but fading on the 8th day, as I looked at the lonely Mountains dark against the twilights dusky shroud.
As with the Orions who visited 9 days, is this the principle of your species enterance into our time flow?
Such deep secrets revealed, yet such emptiness as you wane as the Moon slipping behind its dark curtain, the shadow of Earth cast upon the reflection ~ Yet still there, I hope, as the Moon only hides.
So in the pre Equinox dawn of Spring the Evening Star shone, her bright beacon for all to see, and forever I shall carry her memory,.... And know that my ancient Sister lives on Eternally.......



"I must go, and for you now, to live by Faith. For it is easy for one to believe when in the daily presence, but the true test of Love and Faith is to believe when alone, yet to know by Faith, that Love is eternal, and these things were and always will be a part of you..."

~ Arwen Undomiel, 03/18/03


13 June 2003
"~Of Elven Races, and Souls of God"~
     Elves are those created in ancient times, formed by God to inhabit worlds. Adam and Eve were the original Elves, having long life, no pain, could communicate with animals, highly intelligent... But they were deceived by a reptillian serpentine entity, and "sin" entered the world.  They became "human"~ un-elven, and gradually thier lifespans decreased, until it leveled out between 70- 90 years ~ and the fallen races experienced pain and turmoil ~  They also lost much of their spiritual connection to God . All of this is clear in Genesis chapters 1-3.
     God created other Elvens on other worlds ~ in the Orion system, in the Pleiades, and elsewhere in the cosmos.  Some of these beings visited, and still do visit Earth in biomolecular vehicles, living entities ~ similar to what is described in Ezekiel chaper one.  In the distant past some of these beings interbred with humans on Earth. This is refered to in Genesis 6, and in the legends of many peoples all over the earth. Some religious teachers say the "sons of God" refer to demons or Angels.  The truth is it refers to what we know as "Aliens" ~ in a sense, "Angels", or Elven beings.
     God provided a way to regain the ancient Elven heritage. God sent Jesus to die for sins, and by the power of the resurrection He defeated death. So all who truly received Christ by the Spirit, and are "born again" are heirs to the Elven Kingdom, they have eternal life: When they are transformed, they will be as the Angels ~ In fact they will be Elvish, Kings and Priests, and they will even judge Angels. (I Corinthians 6:3) The Bible says "man" was made a little lower than Angels (Hebrews 2:7) and that Jesus was made to be so much better than the Angels (Hebrews 1:4) but, that to redeem the fallen race, Jesus was also made a little lower than Angels for the suffering of death. (Hebrews 2:9) Jesus is the high Elven, and through Him by spirit can the fallen be returned to their spiritual Elvish state.
     There are some who have Elvish blood-lines from their ancestors interbreeding with Elvish Aliens in the past. These extraterrestrial Elves accepted Jesus in Elvish form on their worlds, and did not crusify Jesus. So they advanced far beyond fallen humans. When the Bible says "man" (humans) are loathsome creatures, it speaks truely (psalm 14, Romans 3:10-23, etc.) But the goodness and purity of the original creation (Genesis 1:31) The Elvish race, the way now possible by Jesus, redemption, is the awakening to rebirth.

14 June  2003

~The Shining Elves~ 

     As Elves are revealed in mythology, they bear striking resemblence to the "shining" of the Spirit filled Christian, Moses coming down from the mountain, and even Angels. "Starlight glimmering on their hair and in their eyes. They bore no lights yet as they walked a shimmer, like the light of the moon above the rim of the hills before it rises, seemed to fall about their feet."~ (J.R. Tolkien, The fellowship of the Ring.) "And when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone."~ (Exodus 34-30) ~ "His face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire." Daniels vision of Angel, Daniel 10:6) So we see the shining countenance of the Elves as comparable to the shining light of Gods Spirit.

~Elves, Aliens, and UFO's~

     That Elves and "Aliens are basicly the same creation: Here we are not speaking of the stereotypical "grey" alien, about 4' tall, with large black eyes, or the reptilian forms. These are servants of Lucifer, and are Anticrist in nature. The elvish "Aliens" are very similar to "humans", though somewhat taller, and with slightly pointed ears. Comparable to a class of Angels, these serve the Creator, and minister to those who are heirs of salvation. There is reference to these in scripture, Hebrews 1:2 that speak of plural "Worlds"~ though some interpret this to mean "ages" (Ages, such as the third age of middle Earth, the lost Atlantis age, etc, fall into line with this verse.) Ephesians 4:10 mentions a plural "heavens" refering to different inter~ dimensional realms within which these beings dwell. The Bible also speaks of a "whole family in heaven and Earth" ~ (Ephesians 3:15), as well as "principalities and powers in hevenly places that might be known by the church the maifold wisdom to God." ~ (Ephesians 3:10) This is not to be confused with the (Dark) principalities and powers refered to in Ephesians 6:12. The first are the Angelic and Elven powers aligned with heaven in Ephesians 2.  The second are the memonic forces that attempt to destroy us ~ these include evil spirits, grey and reptilian "Aliens", and the counter fiet miraculous powers they display (Ephesians 6 ) the book of Jobe makes reference to "The Sweet influence of the Pleiades", and loosing the band of Orion (Job 38:31) Now, either God contradicts himself and is promoting astrolory here, which is opposed to what he says about it in Moses law and Isaiah 47:12-14, or else, it is refering to the influence of the races that inhabit those realms. 

     The scripture is filled with references to flying heavenly vehicles, "chariots", "living creatures", disks, flying rolls, etc. (2 Kings 2:11, Ezekiel chapters 1 and 10, Zechariah 5:1-4, and 6:1-5, Revelations 19:11-16 and 21:10-23) of course when these things were written, there were no words to dexrive spaceships, and people did not understand the mechanics of quantum physics and interdimensional ralities- so they used words familiar to them to describe wha they were seeing.

     It is fact that "Elves" are real, as are beings from other worlds. We need to have the Spirit and Light of Christ to help us discern the truths evident here, and not be deceived by counterfiet aliens or spirits masquereading as benevolent beings (2 Corinthians 11;3, 4, 13-15 and I John 4:1-6) May you walk the Elven path in Elven light, which is Jesus.



~Elven Dawn
  The shining Day~
   The Elfin ones are rare because we live in a fallen world. Extinction becomes many species of creature, for the curse of sin destablizes Earth. There was a perfect creation in the beginning but the reptilian Enemy deceived them.  But yet, all is not lost.
Elves are few, but the awareness and knowledge of Spirit is awakening  (11:11) The whole creation groans for its redemption, and hopes for its renewal; to live eternal, imortal, to walk the ancient paths in the newness of dawn, the Stardust shimmering upon the faces that behold the coming light that shines within. 
 To here the saddening tales of "lost Elves" and extinction of a way once known, but thaout unattainbale in present ~ this is not trustworthy, for it misleads to believe that Elves are no more, and Spirit is dead, that God is a fable, and power is only wrought by the might of men in their own creations. Sad it is to believe such, for it is truely falsehood.
  The Elves do live, few though they be, and the Spirit unchanging still inspires those open souls who long for more than superficial life, which is no life at all.  And God still treads amidst the stars aloft, t wait the day in eternal time, which we not knowing, shall surprizingly find afrest one dawn as the shining day anew unfolds.
~Twilight Elves~
O doth man say, there is no Elf in the forest?  Tales that're told of long ago, fad away before us.
   Everything revolves around men and their human ways.  Mind may dream of a destant time, but the present is what stays.
   To speak of magic, faerie tales, gnomes that wander in the vales, to suggest theres something mroe, than whats perceived inside the doors~ of reason, just human reason.  There's no Elves in the forest, cold moon at Midnight.
   Shadows are but shadows.
The Elves have crossed their Twilight, and disappear into the night, long and on and on, artificial ways, replaced the ancient days, no unseen hand guide, no where for you to hide, all is seen at one, and there are no Elves in the forest.
   Thats what they'd have you believing.  But it in truths deceiving the days of darkness leaving.
   Elves I've seen, am believing they say it is over, the Twilight of the Elves.
        Twilight Elves.
                 Do you hear them returning?

~" Melchizedek"~
     Evidence of Elves found in the Bible = Hebrews Chapeter 7 speaks of the High Priest Melchizedek, and of him says, "without father, without mother, wiithout descent, having neither beginning of days , nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of god; abideth a High Priest continually." (Hebrews 7:3)
   Here is very clear Biblical evidence of Elves. It is said that the Elf -sires were such as this, "Valar" and "Maiar" who came from the celestial realms.  There is also the legend of Tom Bombadil in The Fellowship of the Ring, of whom it says, "Eldest thats what I am. Tom was here before the river and the trees, Tom remembers the first raindrop and the first acorn. He made paths before the Big People, and saw the little people arriving. He was here before the Kings, and the graves, and the Barrow- Wrights.  When the Elves passed westward, Tom was here already, before the seas were bent.
He knew the dark under the stars when it was fearless- before the Dark Lord came from outside."
   So we have parellels of these "people"- entities, with Elvish qualities of immortalitity, expressed in scripture, and in the legends of Middle Earth.  It has been said by some Bible Teachers that Melchizedek is Jesus, or a form of Jesus that was on Earth in ancient days during the Life of Abraham.  (Melchizedek appears in Genesis 14:18- 20 ,Psalm 110 and Hebrrews 6 snf 7.) Obviously this is a High Elf. And it is said that Jesus Christ is after the order of Melchizedek, not after the order of Aaron. (Hebrews 7:11, 17, 21) the difference being that the Aaronic priesthood consist of mortal men! humans , or "Fallen Elves" (men) whereas the Melchizedek priensthood consist of the immortals: Elves, Valar, the High Ones.
     Speaking of Jesus, who, "after the similtude of Metchizedek there ariseth another priest" (Hebrews 7:15 ) it is clear that they are of the immortal race;
"But this man, because he continueth ever, has an unchangeable priesthood" (Hebrews 7:24 ).  The Aaronic (Levite) priesthood consista of mortals: "They were not suffered to continue by reason of death" (Hebrews 7:23)
  Of Elves and Men it is said, "For Men Multiply and the Firstborn decrease, and the two kindreds are estranged. And ever since that day the race of Numenor has decayed, and the span of their years has lessened."- This is confirmed by the lifespans of people in the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve were created immortal (Elves), but ofter their fall, Adam lived 930 years. The highest recorded age in scripture is Methuseleh, at 969 years.  After the flood, in which Atlantis and the Elfin Kingdom was destroyed, people only lived 120 - 205 years. The Elfin blood was diluted and mingled with men, un- elven, what the exception of Melchizedek the Hight Elfin Priest, and perhaps Enoch, who at 365 was transported to Gods realm prior to the flood.