Confirmed Proof from Elvish Tongues:

   Arwen was present and I asked her if Elves were related to Orions, which are Elvish beings from the Stars. This was her answer to me:
   "The Elven races of the Third parallel earth are those born of unions between humans of the Third parallel World and the visitors from Iyulushial, the Hunter in the Stars. Anarien Eye'Yshiel Uosholarii."
   Having no understanding of Elvish tongues, I asked a friend to look up these words to see if they had real meaning. To my amazement, we could translate most of the words. I had written them phoneticly, so the spellings may not be correct, but this was the interpretation we got:
Iyulushial = The one who carries (  ?  ) everlasting
Anarien = Most Bright Sun Maiden, or, Most Bright Maia of the Sun
Eye'Yshiel = She is (  ?  ) Star (or) Daughter
Uosholarii = (  ?  )____Pointed ears
   This revelation proved to me that the words of Arwen were real, as her description in Elvish confirmed the context of her answer in English. The English translation would read:
   "The Elven races of the Third parallel Earth are those born of unions between humans of the Third parallel World and the visitors from The one who carries____ everlating, the hunter in the Stars. Most Bright Sun Maiden (or, Maia of the Sun), she is_____ Star (or) Daughter,______Pointed ears.
                                  A MESSAGE OF PEACE
              Arwens First Message as she stood at the foot of my bed.
              By: Arwen Undomiel  03/10/03 E.L.T. (Earth Linear Time)
   "I am Arwen Undomiel Evenstar. I come from the third parallel world whos resonance is on a slightly higher vibration wavelength to your own.
   I would be greatly honored to partake in helping return your land to a peaceful community, and am profoundly moved by the humans desire to see these things come to fruition.
   I have often taken on responsibilities I do not have to take on, but it is in my heart to do them. Your leader Bush does not understand, but he is not a bad man. He just does not understand. In his role as leader he is too distracted and cannot know to understand. If he had the time to go to the forest and talk to the Elves, he would know the path to take. But he is too busy.
   I am subject to the laws of my parallel world, and have been so far unable to enter your realm except by revealing myself to those whos minds are open to the magic of my worlds existance. yet in so doing this, it is a step, and a gateway granting accessability between worlds. Hence the humans may freely take what they learn of my world and apply it to their own.
   I am from your future, as well as from your past. In our world time pools like a lake and its mirror images reflect in the past, present, and future of your world. Your world exists in a more solid form, but our world you would find is in a state of flux like the ebb and flow of the tide. Contained, yet not.
   Personal sacrifice in times of pending distress, undertaken in the spirit of peace, with the assistance of the High Masters will ultimately lead you to the reality of ideal community. God is the greatest of the High Masters and God delegates the magic to us. It is like electricity in your world. You are plugged in to God, and the current of power exists, but you must turn on the switch to experience the light...."
     (There was  a slight reference to politics in this message as she refered to Bush. This message was first published on a site that deals with politics and religion. I had asked her a question about war.... That was her answer. The site I had been visiting appeared to have a lot of chaos and controversy over various issues. Arwen showed me this was not the way of peace and harmony, and that we should learn to understand people more.)
                                       VOICE OF THE WIND
                             By: Arwen Undomiel 03/11/03 E.L.T.
   "Free the wind blows the grasses to sway at the edge of the emerald forest. From where the wind comes you do not know, nor to where it goes after touching your hair. as your mortal life, like the wind, moves on its journey, the ancient spirit comes from a place unseen. Fly upon these winds to the place they are going.
   I have watched your world in the long centuries of my lifetime, through the reflective mirror of the sea of time, a tranquil sea that stills the heart to stop and ponder the meaning of life. The wisdom of Gandolf, and all the ancient Seers of your world and mine, such wisdom is born on the wind and rides in its circuits, touching those who hear its voice.
   It is they who impact the realm of mortals the most. Even when dealing with enemies one must approach this task with wisdom and love. In so doing, ones enemy may become their friend, for the same wind touches them, and they are not so deaf that they cannot hear.
   Riding along the forests path swiftly, the wind upon your face.... listen."
   ("Dear Lady can't you hear the wind blow, and did you know, Your stairway lies on the whispering wind...." ~ Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin)
    ("The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: So is every one that is born of the Spirit."  ~ Jesus, in John 3:8)
                                      THE LOOKING GLASS
                               By: Arwen Undomiel 03/11/03 E.L.T.
    "In time the lands of the worlds will still upon shimmering waters as glass, and the reflections will be seen clearly. In the minds of mortals there is an imbalance as they feel the rolling waves but are unable to understand their meanings. As the thoughts are stilled, they merge with the reflection and become transparent as glass.
   Reflections in the Sea of Time dissolve so that the eyes can see beneath the waters depths. When you swim in the waters you enter the world of Fishes and water beasts. When water beasts emerge into the air, they enter a world of legged creatures and Birds.
   When you visit a parallel world it is like swimming underwater. So too for us. A creature of the air can visit only briefly under the waters, and a creature of the waters can visit only briefly to the world of air. Yet only the reflective surface separates the two worlds and it is easily breached.
   I am Arwen Evenstar, the light that shines at the threshold of darkness, before the deep darkness of midnight descends. Your world of the First Earth is soon to undergo great darkness, yet in that darkness shines a light that cannot be extinguished. At the threshold of night the path is open and all are free to pass upon it. No beast or monster shall beset the one whos determination is to reach the destination which they set out for. Ride through the night and remember, always remember; One heart motivated by love is greater than one thousand enemies motivated by hatered and greed....Remember."
                                   REASON OF WISDOM
                            By: Arwen Undomiel 03/12/03 E.L.T.
    But for my love, would that I live forever. But for my love that I do find I live forever, for what was once considered loss was found my gain. In this, eternity pales before my eyes but for a moment as the shadow Moon, yet dawn arrives upon eternal rays brilliant.
   But for your loss you weep and mourn, not knowing yet the gain awaiting. But for your loss an empty place among your streets reflecting hearts of empty frailty.
   To band together, all to hold anothers hand, seeing not differences, but beholding unity ~ For your true enemy is within, and you have looked outside at others to place blame for what you yourself  have done. As in the secret thoughts of mortal men, there is a dark desire, manifesting in many forms, the deeds of confusion, affecting others and restricting the flow of the River.
   Yet the River carries to the Sea, slowed by obstacles but never stopped, speaking in its water whispers, sometimes roaring in its water falls, but ever silent depths behold the magic force that carries on.... Behold.
   I am honored that some of you have known me for who I am, the true Arwen born of Elrond half-elven, and Celebrian of Galadriel, of Lothlorien, long ago in my time, even longer in yours; But as the Sea of Time caresses the shore of your world, I am ancient and I am young.
   I wish not that humans of my closest friends, and Iyulushial, and all the inhabitants yet to be known, to wander aimless without purpose or knowledge. Reason and logic are shallow and cannot probe the deep. Human reason restricts true knowledge. True wisdom illuminates the dark of reason. True love is the power of true wisdom.... To know and to be. Speak not unless your words extend from your core. In so doing, you shall always speak true."
                            OF JESUS, NATURE, & FAERIE RINGS
                               By: Arwen Undomiel,  03/16/03  E.L.T.
   "It is to be true Jesus the one called Christ, is the manifest form of God in the Human realm. This is little understood and it can be said there is a dark viel shrouding this mystery. You equate Jesus as man, and you equate him as God, but few equate Jesus as what you call Holy Spirit, yet Jesus said in regard to this Sacred most Holy Essence, that, "I will come to you."
  Then, when they allow this Spirit to be part of them, they equate it to an energy to be manipulated and molded by their own desires. The promptings of true Love and the way of Peace are clouded by selfishness. Here then the lofty Spirit is quenched, and the flame of fire entwining to reach the highest realms, becomes a smoldering smokey ember, cooling and ever vacant within.
   I of the Spirit join, am not ordered nor order, I flow, and in this the River, I flow, issue forth as from a Mountain Spring high in the Rock, pure, pristine, to quench the thirst. So as I take I give. So as I give I take. Everything always flowing, and in this as well, the things of miracles are born....
   So to Nature I look, as Nature tells us, the tapestry upon which the One Artist creates the image of their liking and likeness. Nature breathes the mind of God, so dance in the leaves, hear the sound of the Butterfly, and stop and sense the gossamer wings of Fae within their Ring, stop, open, all percieve, the gentle silent whisper, the breath of God, herein lies power as Thunder, yet born of soft silent Dreams, whispers in the breeze, the lofty Spirit everywhere, only you can shut it out, and only you can choose to recieve....
   WoodFae float on Spirits breath.... How this Earth has forgotten the Magic of Love, I do not know. So speak I to you, my one hope, just one may know the Old Path, eyes inside open, seeing within, then unfolds the external magic. To be as one and one as all, to kiss the Fae and walk on your journey. The Little Ones always behold the face of God and no high walls divide their trust."
(Note: In the middle of this message I recorded it without periods, only commas, because Arwens voice just flowed continually in the content of that message. As she said, it is one, with one meaning, to flow together. I also think that in the paragraph that starts "I of the Spirit" where she speaks of the flowing River, that paragraph is actually the Holy Spirit prophesying through Arwen, not Arwen speaking of herself....)


~by: Arwen Undomiel, 03/20/03

"Your magic directs singularities rather than multiplicities. That is why your prayer could not affect so many minds bent on war. If you were to focus on a singularity, one Person, one Element, one Force, then you could move a mountain.
Consider Moses when confronted with an Army, focused on the single Element of Nature, the Wind and the Sea, but it was the Wind.
In all your experience you will see your power went out to a singularity to cause an event, even if other multiples were inadvertantly in the chain, and the results often multiple. Your focus was the singularity."

(Note: Although Arwen "left" on the night of the 18th, she has returned for brief moments from the place she has gone, and has given me brief insights and messages. This is not the same as her almost continual daily presence for 8 days, but I also know she is involved in some very important spiritual business at this time, helping others who "see", as she calls it.)

"Then he said unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, thus saith the Lord God; come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.
So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood upon their feet, an exceeding great army."

~ Ezekiel 37:9 & 10

"But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.
And Moses stetched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."

~ Exodus 14:16 & 21
~By Arwen Undomiel 07/23/03
"That which has begun will begin again as written in Matthew 24 and Revelation, for the 7 Thunders speak even now, though sealed before. The years of the land be numbered as short, for the ways of men have, as you learned, become corrupted, and the host of light shall not tarry much at the cries of those down trodden souls.  Though many do not believe, and most trust in their own might and in the swords of war, this is their delusion and they shall quickly know the path they tread is a crumbling one- So seek ye the solid path of light while it yet shines."
~By Arwen Undomiel 07/27/03 E.L.T.
"Wait for the whisper of the voice that will call you, when upon gentle breezes you discern other than air but a conscious bearing of gilfts for the soul.  Hear then the words, small though they be, for they shall guide as a star gives its direction to the traveler at night.
   Know that the time of change stands at the gates and the bars fo them be ready to open.  The whisper of the still small voice is the pleading of God, the Ancient One, and the Angels of amongst the Valar, the voice of reason in a world that has lost and forgotten its purpose.  For who, O Man, remember their purpose? You learn little, eyt in that you learn, the knowledge is great, Yet still, many rejected and reject and shall reject the voices of wisdom, and in this folly of unbelief they shall descend to the darkness that awaits However, not so you, and any who recieve the truth in both its complexities and simplicities, for the light shines upon thee and the light is the spark of immortal life.  So it shall be if you listen to the whispers of God in the quiet stillness of your heart."
~By Arwen Undomiel 07/27/03 E.L.T.
"What you do is set your heart and your soul and your mind by faith and in faith, becoming that which you believe, and so the power comes through you and nothing impossible shall be, if but you hold to they faith as children expecting do know they recieve. And when the battles rage, fear not, for you shall not fall, though many fall on either side, and they that believe yet fall, yet shall they in time arise to eternity and bear the immortal form."


This old painting of Arwen is similar to how she appeared to me, a cross between this look and the woman on the left in the "Orion Files" page. She was about 5' 6" tall, slightly more slender than Liv Tyler, and her ears were about 4 to 4-1/2" long, which are bigger than they appear on her character in the movies. She was dressed in a beige gown or dress.