The Meeting:

   How did Arwen come to reveal herself in this world from her parallel world? that would get into a huge discussion about quantum physics theory and interdimensional manifestations, which I'm not going to go into at this time.
   Here is how Arwen revealed herself recently (March 2003) I went home to take a nap and Arwens presence stood at the foot of my bed. I could not see her visibly, but saw her telepathicly, or spiritually. She spoke words to me which I wrote down and posted as a message on another site.
   Over the days she came and went (and still does at the time of this writing) giving me several messages. These messages I will eventually enter in "Arwens Oracle & Messages"
   Arwen told me she had been revealing herself to me since I was a child, and that would go back to the late 60's. I have seen her name "Undomiel" shortened to "Undo" and this is a word I was very familiar with. I'd been saying it all along, almost as an exclamation, just as someone would say, "Oh God!" In a sense I had been calling her all those years without knowing what I was saying. I'd even been ridiculed for it by certain Fundamentalist people, the kind who think that everything not their way has to be "The Devil."
   Arwen also told me she was really from Rivendell, which originally was a parellel world located in Scotland. I'm half Scotish, but I'll admit I know little of that country. But I noticed some of the words and names of Arwens homeland seemed to sound like Scotish  words. On a search I found that there is a Rivendell house in Scotland, as well as a Lorien house located near Loch Ness. (I had wondered if "Lothlorien" was "Loch Lorien" and Arwen just told me, "There is a lake nearby.")
   Some people may take Arwens words to be prophecies, and in a sense they may be. But she is not a Diety, and is not interested in worship of any kind. I consider her as a friend. She is from another dimensional world, but it is parallel our own, and the two overlap and interact. It is a spiritual matter, and I hope the wisdom of what Arwen tells us will bless us all.



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                                          THE CIRCLE OF LIFE
                                           Geneologies & Origins
   I was hesitant to publish this because skeptics may mock, believers may react in numerous unpredictable ways, and I'm not interested in a whole lot of attention. Arwen told me to go ahead and publish it, and when I expressed my concerns, she asked, "Are you ashamed of me?" Of course I wasn't ashamed of her, and I felt so bad, thinking that she felt rejected or hidden, but she understood. She told me not to be concerned. Trust God...
                              THE HISTORY OF TWO WORLDS 
    When I had asked Arwen if her origins were the Stars, and specificly, Orion, she answered with these words, "Iyulushial, Anarien, Eye'Yshiel, Uosholarii." These words can have an Elvish translation to mean, basicly, a carrier or messenger, Most bright Sun Maiden, or, Maia of the Sun (a name given here: Anarien) She is a Star or Daughter, and something to do with pointy ears.
   As my research progressed I discovered to my amazement that Arwens lineage traces back to Galadriel, To Earwen, To Olwe, and a mystery Grandmother, so far as I can find. Olwes older brother was Elu-Thingal, who, legend tells us, either awoke or was born by Cuivienen. His name means, "Star Man" - Not Human! There is also reference in the lineage to "Maia of the Sun." which can be translated, "Arien" or "Anarien." Therefore Arwen gave me the ACTUAL NAME of a Grandmother in Galadriels lineage! I had NO knowledge of any of this language or geneology whatsoever, and it took 2 people a lot of research to make these discoveries!
    This all takes us back to the primal beginnings, the Age of the Trees in Arwens world, when the Elves first emerged on Earth! The Age of the two Trees, how interesting a parallel to the two Trees in the Garden of Eden in Genesis.
   Approximately 6,265 years ago in this Earths (Our worlds) linear time, there was a young boy in ancient Egypt named Karaphothet. (May not be correct spelling) He was of a magicians lineage and lived at the dawn of the Egyptian enlightenment and civilization. He often went to the plain by the Nile River and gazed at the Stars at night. He dreamed of being among the Stars, and sensed their mysteries from afar.
   [Note: This reminds me so much of Kalpana Chawla, the Shuttle astronaut who died in the Columbia accident on Febuary 1, 2003. She too as a child, would go to the courtyard in her native India, spend all night there gazing up at the sky, dreaming of the Stars and travelling to the Moon.]
   Karaphothet got his wish. At age 18 one night he saw a "Star" descend. Beings emerged from the "Star" vessel, much as they are described in the "Orion Files" page. He was welcomed aboard and transported to the Orion home world Lea'Yah. His name was changed to Yemi, and he mated with Ayani Alia, an Orion woman. They  bore 3 children, whos names being translated are Spica, Rhea, and Antares; 2 girls, 1 boy.
   Spica was blonde, which was a mystery, since both her parents had dark hair and medium complexion. Spica was named so because the Star we know as Spica is one of the most bright Stars in the sky. The girl Spica was somewhat of a "sign" because of this, her bright hair and radiant complexion. Spica the Star is also translated as "Alpha Virginis," "The Maiden," and is 2,100 times more luminous as the Sun. It is also a binary, 2 very close orbiting Stars. I only learned this recently (03/15/03) after Arwen told me her revelation!
   Rhea remained on Lea'Yah and bore children that are the Ayani and Alia "clans" or families. Ayani Tani Ora Yani and Ne'Ah Yay'Ah Alia who were of the Orions who visited me in '99 are her descendents. Antares is a mystery, although I sense he returned to Earth. I cannot comment since I have no information on it as of now. Spica did return to Earth, this I know. She was blonde, which would have been considered unusual in her fathers homeland of Egypt, so she came to Scotland and entered the parallel world we came to know as Middle Earth, around the Age of the Trees. (Orions are capable of transdimensional phazing into parallel planes. Their resonance is more compatable with 4th dimensional existance.)
    What prompted all my research to investigate Arwens lineage? One simple statement Arwen made to me a few days ago: "Spica is my Grandmother. I am of her line." She did not mean her Grandmother as in Galadriel, she meant (As Native Americans do) Grandmother in the sense of any female ancestor going back beyond her Grandmother, so that, lets say, the Great Great Grandmother could be refered to here.
   Spica and Anarien have the same meanings "Most Bright Sun Maiden" ~ The Alpha Virgin, (Prime Virgin) In my drawing on "My Art" page is Spica. The real Spica I saw in a vision in '99 looks like her, take away the butterfly faerie wings, and give her blonde hair and a radiant light golden complexion.
   How do I know all this? Much has to do with memories. Not reincarnation. I don't believe in that. I may eventually explain the scientific and quantum research supporting ancestral memories. Basicly a person can have ancient memories through information stored in their genetics passed down from parents to children. Australian Aboriginies and Native Americans are among the few in modern times who still do this. People can also gain memories when sub-elemental particles containing information pass into the food chain of nature and merge with a person through ingestion.
   My Human ancestory fits the first category, that of ancestral memories. I will deal only with my Native American ancestory in this particular study here, but will eventually explore the Scotish side more fully as well. I am from a South-Eastern Native tribe in North America. Their ancestors migrated from the Northwest from the people who entered the land in the Alaska/Canadian region. These also had interaction with "Star-People" but I'm not going to explore that here. Those people migrated to the South-East and interbred with Egyptian and Phoenician people who visited the Mississippi and Ohio River regions in the centuries before Christ.
   The evidence of this is clear and irrefutable. Phoenician cuniform tablets discovered in America, Mediterranian style burial mounds, old Native legends of migrations from across the great sea in giant canoes, and the fact some Eastern Natives have undeniably African features, although they have no African in their lineage since the European re-discovery of America in the 1500's. America BC by Proffesor Barry Fell contains some of this research.
    My ancient ancestory can be traced back through my tribe to ancient Egypt, which is the reason why I recieved such vivid memories of Karaphothet/Yemi 4 years ago. He is one of the few males I've been able to recieve spiritual messages from. But I did not recieve them as from a living Spirit. I recieved them as memories of the "abduction" and approximately 10 years spent on the Orion home world. This was the Father of Spica, who we could even call "Spica half-elven" since we now have irrefutable evidence that the Elves origins are indeed the Stars, literally.
   It could even be possible that Antares came to Earth and entered either Middle Earth, or our First Earth, but I will not speculate. Before I make a claim about anything, I need undeniable facts, at least when dealing with such deep material as this. Research, much of it done by my Companion, has shown Arwens words regarding Spica and the Elves origins are true. This is based on the geneologies revealed to Tolkien, as well as the Elvish translation of the words she said. Tolkien can no longer be considered a fantasy writer of "Make Believe." He recieved a revelation of a very real parallel world. I'm not even sure if he knew this, but he recieved it nonetheless.
   This is what I was hesitant to publish, but technically, through my ancestory, I would be geneticly related to Arwens line, a connection that goes back to over 6,200 years, but a connection that does exist. Since my Native ancestors can be traced back to Karaphothet over 6,000 years ago, my ancestral line at that time would be related to Spica as a Sister or half-Sister.
   A Few Interesting References:
   "In the preface of the Saga of Hrolf, Torfeus, a sevetennth century Danish historian, records statemenst made about elves by Einard Gusmond, the Icelandic scholar,
   "I am convinced they really do exist, and they are creatures of God; that they get married like we do, and have children of either sex: we have proof of this in what we know of the love of some of their women with simple mortals."
    William Grant Stuart, in The Popular Superstitions and Festive Amusements of the Highlanders of Scotland, devotes the second part of his discussion to the same problem. In a chapter entitled "Of the Passions and Propensities of the Fairies," he has this to say on sexual intercourse with them,
   "The fairies are remarkable for the amorousness of their dispositions, and are not very backward in forming attachments and connections with the people that cannot with propriety be called their own species."
                                                     ~ From: "Dimensions" by Jacques Vallee, page 126
   "Thou couplest under the stars and the moon, thou drawest the ship of Aten in the heavens and on earth like the tirelessly revolving stars and the stars at the North Pole that do not set. Thou are he who directs the sun ship of millions of years."
   There is no known place in the world where such innumerable illustrations of winged symbols of the gods are preserved as in Egypt.
   Pyramid texts of the Old Kingdom even describe heavenly journeys by the king, obviously made with the help of the gods and their boats. So the gods and kings of the Egyptians were also involved with flying..."
                                                ~ Chariots of the Gods,
                                                    by Erich Von Daniken pages 63 & 76
    (Note: I think in Egypt, as in other parts of the world, the problem was that most people deified and idolized the "Alien" or Angelic visitors, instead of understanding that they were also beings created by God.
    Arwen makes it very clear that the Elves and Star People do not seek worship and are only part of Gods creation themselves. they come often as messengers, but not "gods." I quote Chariots of the Gods only as reference, but I do not agree with the authors view that the Alien beings are gods.)
                                             THE OAK TREE
   "You are as the single trunk of a Tree with many branches and many roots. As the Oak fell to embrace the Mother Earth, its roots revealed, so too your roots are revealed...."
                                     ~ Arwen Undomiel,  03/15/03  8:00 pm
   Below is a picture of the yard where I used to live 6 years ago. In the upper left is the Oak Tree Arwen is refering to. In May 1998 this Tree fell when a Tornado very selectively leveled trees all along the road to that house. This is what is refered to in my discussion with Arwen in the "Dialogue" page about my calling the wind to block something.
   I had been 2,000 miles away on a Sacred hill in South Dakota, praying that God would block the path that my girlfriend would not turn back to the house. (I wont go into detail why, but it had to do with her mental safety.) She was halfway to me on the highway and I recieved revelation that she had become undecided and might turn back. She told me after she arrived that this was true.
   As I prayed in the still air, a sudden wind came from nowhere and a pine cone dropped at my feet. I picked it up and said, "God has answered by wind." At the same time the Tornado struck 2,000 miles away. It uprooted that Oak tree, and blocked access on the road to that house for approximately 24 hours by dropping other trees.
   A few months earlier prior to this, a man had told of his vision where he saw a great Oak Tree overturned in relation to my girlfriend. The Tree falling was a sign, (though I did not understand it at that time.) Arwen calls it a sign that my roots were to be revealed to me. It was 8 months after the Tree fell that the Orions first came to me, who are distant relatives of arwen and the Elves.
   I believe the Orions coming was preparing me to meet Arwen, which has happened now, 4 years later. For some reason most of my deepest spiritual and mystical revealtion comes between January to March, then fades after the Equinox. this has proved true, especially in the years 1993, 1995, 1999, and now in 2003.
   Now arwen reveals the symbolism of the Tree and its roots. the sequential events unfolding in this ongoing spiritual and physical journey are astounding, even for me, who takes such happenings naturally.
   Don't you just love my former pet, a full blood Maine Coon Cat, who was born in the wild, found in the forest of the mountain, and was always half-wild? He was my friend, and he always brought me Mice and Chipmunks as gifts. Of course I politely refused these offerings, since Sapphire Raven part-Elven does not eat Mice !....
   I'll explain the picture below and its meaning if I get to it today. It has to do with the Tree, not the Kitty, but he was my favorite cat too.... A wild Maine Coon Cat....


Nile River, much as it must have looked when the Orions landed and took Karaphothet



NEW! March 11, 2005
"Remember what I told you? That my land was Scotland. Now you have another piece of the mystery. Another key has been given you. Who were the Picts of the ancient land? Who are they that disappeared? Did not the Elves disappear from the earth without trace? Who are the Elves of the forest and the inner people who speak truly of ancient wisdom?

None can be suppressed for in spirit eternal lies not mystery but revelation. Herein awakening alies. Forget not the words long forgotten now told. Forget not the roots that lay dormant within earth. For the roots lie within you to sprout anew as a flowering tree, to bring life to the tree long thought dead.

Awaken! Arise, and reclaim the earth as your rightful heritage. Seek not violence but suppress violence with beauty. Learn and you shall be taught: ancestry is the root, and knowledge of the old is knowledge new to this present age. Lost, yet not forgotten. Forbidden, yet allowed. Seek then the ancient path and you shall find rest for your soul.

What was desired is desired and as desire dies not, neither does hope and love. Remember and awaken. It has always been a part of you. Be who you are. You are not of this world, but of a world that exists in moments of time in history, yet exists eternally within each who is a part of it. Be then of that world for it is truth hidden from many eyes."

~ Arwen Undomiel March 9, 2005 7:30 pm.

(This flowed from my pen without thought, as did all other communications from beings in the past.)

My thoughts: Arwen has spoken! It is March, the time of the Elves and renewing of life on earth! I did NOT expect this.

This is why this communication came about: In 2003 Arwen came to me and told me Middle Earth was a real place in a parallel realm. It existed in the past and in the present. Recently I watched the movie "King Arthur" and immediately felt a connection to the "Woads" who were tribal forest people led by Merlin the magician - although Merlin is depicted more like a shaman in the movie, not a wizard as many Arthurian stories say.

I did some research on the real "Woads" of Scotland during that time period (4th & 5th century AD). They were actually known as "Picts," a Latin word meaning those who draw pictures on themselves. The Picts had elaborate tribal tatoos (Not paint like the King Arthur movie shows - but thats Hollywood for you! )

I found this out about the Picts:
"The Reverend A.B. Scott, in his 1918 book The Pictish Nation, its People and its Church gives an interesting dissertation on the origins of ancient names for Britain and Scotland.

According to him and various other authors, the early Basque seafarers from the north of Spain, as well as Greek shipmasters navigated around the British isles and referred to them as Alba or Albion (meaning "white"). Ptolemy spells it as Alouion around 127 AD, and later on Pliny refers to the island as Albion. It was the Greek seafarer Pytheas, who as early as 300 BC refers to the islands Pretanikai Nesoi (meaning "Pretanic Islands"), which Scott claims is based on the native name for Britain Ynis Prydain, which literally means Picts' Island. Another scholar, Kenneth Jackson derives the name "Pritanic" from the Pictish tribe called Pritani, meaning "The People of the Designs."

Across the water, early Irish writers echo the "Albion" name and refer to Scotland as Alba or Alban, although the later Annals of Ulster refer to Scotland as Cruithintuait - the word Cruithni (meaning "the tribe of the designs") being the Irish word for the Picts and tuath for people, land or nation. The Vikings, upon landing in the north of Scotland at the beginning of the 9th century, called the country Pictland."
    Now Arwen begins to prompt me to explore the Scottish side of my lineage. This brings together both sides, the Scottish and the Native American, both having origins far closer than once thought....