My Bio

Name:  Starcrystal Ravenwolf
Ancestory: Scottish, Native American, with links to Orion, Pleiadian & Elven
Age: Unknown. Physically, early 40's. Spiritually, approximately 7,000
Animal Friends: Dogs/Wolves, Cats, Ravens, Hawks, Eagles
Totem Animals: Raven, Wolf, Hawk, Buffalo, Coyote, Owl
Spiritual Energies & Connectives: God/Jesus, Wind, Fire, Solar Energies
   I had my first paranormal experience (that I remember) at the age of 5 when I saw a UFO from my Grandmothers window. This is described in the first part of Orion Files. At the age of 8 I saw a fully 3-dimensional, physical, Buffalo head appear on the wall in my lighted bedroom while I was fully awake. I ran out of my room scared and screaming, but years later learned this had been one of the most powerful visions a Native person can have.
   As a teenager I was sent to an Atheistic boarding school, and the only spirituality I heard at all was from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin music. After getting out of there, and graduating High School, I journeyed on the "dark side" for a few years, exploring and practicing Satanism and Crowley rituals. I realised this was taking me down a path I did'nt want to be on, and at the age of 23, Jesus spoke to me and I was "born again" This wasn't the "religious" Jesus of organized religion, this was the REAL Jesus who is acurately portrayed in the Scriptures.
   Unfortunately, because I was Christian, I got pulled and led, and told to go certain ways within that religion. Fundamentalists and extreme conservatives recruited me and tried to mold me into what they thought God wanted me to be! I even took nearly 2 years of Bible college in the 80's from Assembly of Gods Berean Bible School. I dropped out about 3/4 of the way through after God gave me a vision based on Ezekiel in the Bible, and showed me this was not the spiritual path I was supposed to be on.
   About 12 or 13 years ago I began to explore my native culture and spirituality. In 1993 I really started getting into it, and have since done a lot of Pow-Wows, Sweat Lodge, personal Vision Quest, was a member of a Native Spiritual Awareness Circle that taught the Shamanistic way for almost 2 years, and have even attended Sun Dances. Unfortunately I was condemned by many of my former "Christian" friends for this, and was accused of Witchcraft. God, however, had shown me not to worry about this, and that people are often limited in their outlook when in certain religion, and tend to compartmentalize and stereotype things they don't understand.
   I've lived often in rural areas, mainly around mountains and water, and like to work with the Earth in natural ways. I recieved some rather profound revelations from what could be termed "Alien" beings in 1999, which is explained on the "Orion Files" page. There are certainly "Angels" out there, as well as right here near us, often right next to us. All we need to do is open our spiritual eyes and our cognitive ethereal awareness and there they are!
I've seen a lot of "magic" and powerful things happen. Some people find a lot of it hard to believe, and think its only the stuff of storybooks, but its real. there's a whole spiritual world around us, and the magic of it is VERY real. The acts of Gandalf in Lotr, Tolkiens stories, etc, is comparable to the acts of Moses in the Bibles Old Testement. Both were "magicians" working with a magical staff to direct powers. This stuff is real, if a person is open enough to experience it.
   I've kept this more sort of as a spiritual biography instead of going into detail about other things, simply because I'm not interested in drawing attention to myself, and this site is specificly designed for Arwen, and for us to listen to her words spoken during the visits she has had here in our Realm....

Favorite Band or Musician: (I actually quit listening to most of this stuff awhile ago... Too much darkness in it. added 2/04) ~ Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks, Deep Purple, Metallica, Creme, (Old) Aerosmith, Hendrix, Leonda (An obscure album, "Leonda-Woman in the Sun" epic records 1968...."Peace & Pipes" rules!)

Favorite TV show: X Files, Alias, Farscape, StarTrek(s), Andromeda, SG-1, Xena

 Favorite movie: LOTR, Braveheart, Star Wars, Dances With Wolves

Favorite book: The Bible, LOTR Trilogy, The Silmarillion, Valley of Horses,(All Earths Children books), Black Elk Speaks, Legend of Starcrash...

My Hobbies Nature, Animals, Writing, Art, Poetry, Music, Songwriting, Spirituality


  Above photo is of a magical waterfall near my home, less than a mile back in the mountain. It is a place I sometimes go to get in touch with the energies and connect with the harmonies of Earth. It is what would be considered a "power spot" in the Earth. I know the pictures not that clear. The forest is often dark. At the ledge near the top of the falls there seems to be a spiritual vortex you enter as you come off the trail. I can feel its energies as soon as I go out on that ledge under a grove of trees
   Up close this waterfall almost looks like a painting I've seen of Arwen and Aragorn in Rivendell, where they are standing by a waterfall. I'll try to get more pictures of this....



Below are pics of places I've lived, or lived near. All of these have been magical lands with great Spiritual meaning, and sometimes, meetings with what many call the "unknown"....

Here's a better Pic of the Falls near where I live
A ledge near the top of falls is a magical power-spot

Falls in Maine

One of my favorite spots 1997 - 2000
picture is circa 1915 but still looks same, except raods paved now.

Nooksack Falls, Washington

Elf Island Alaska, 2000

Elfin Outpost, now called "Devils Thumb"

Badlands, S.D. outside Pine Ridge Reservation
I lived in this area 1998, on Rosebud Reservation

Lake St. George 1999, I lived in the upper right
Rania visited me 1/2 mile from here

GRRR! ARGHH! A City! Lived here 7 years!
1988 ~ 1995

But I used to escape to this place
Old Native grounds, Very powerful here