Revelations From The Stars: 


   I am going to enter "The Orion Files" on this site, since Arwen tells us that the Elven races are related to the Orions. My meeting with the Orions took place in Febuary 1999, in an interdimensional and out of body experience. There were numerous events that occoured both during and after this experience that proved that it was real, and that I had, in fact, been visited by beings from another world. In the first few paragraphs where I describe a Starlike UFO, and the blue energy light, these events happened in the physical world, and were actually witnessed by me. The rest took place in what could be called a vision observed while out of body, or, by remote viewing....
   I take the Orion revelation as a foreshadowing and preparation for the revelation of Arwen coming 4 years later. The fact that Arwen is ancestrally related in the distant past to the Orions is even more confirming of the connectiveness of the two revelations. Here then, are the exact words as recorded in the original Orion Files. Since it is an 80 page document, please be patient as I enter the material, as it only exists in  hand written form....
                                  THE ORION PRESENSE
    All imagination and fantasy is a reality of another plane, another time, a mind-world within you, a dimensional world without you. Do not you touch and see and feel in your dreams? dream world is then a mind-world. Imagination is often an unsealed memory or a vision of life beyond your time or plane. The One Maker also made your mind and spirit, and the images percieved are known by The One That Is.
   Do not your story-tellers imagine things and events beyond their time, only to see them manifest 50 or 100 years later?  Your science-fiction writers create a truth by perception, and you see that truth a time later in dimension. Are not all predicts of the same working? Let then your "vivid imagination" serve its creative purpose, for as you envision the event, that which is called "daydream", you create a potral to a world. That gift is given by The One That Is.
                                  ~ Ne'Ani Kutani,  Lea'Yah,  Orion
   "And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of heaven... and let them be for signs."   ~ Genesis 1:14
   "Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?"  ~Job 38:31
   I looked into the black sky to see the bright star in the distance. The unusual star glowed a spectacular crystal-white with a reflective ring around it. I felt a permeating energy of an intensity I could not fathom. A sudden wave of fear swept through me. Fear gave way to awe as I stood transfixed before the star.
   Without warning the dark sky turned blue, as if dawn had suddenly taken over the night. The blue light was uniform, for I noticed that no shadows existed. I looked to the East, the West, the North, the South, where all was bright blue. No tree, no object, not even myself cast a shadow. The blue light seemed to be a form of energy that saturated every corner and every empty space.
   The object that appeared to me was oval shaped with a thin central disk ringed with pulsating green lights. It emitted a silvery-white energy field that would explain why the object looked like a Star from a distance. A steady humming that was nearly beyond my range of hearing indicated the objects energy field was subsiding. The vessel that I saw was a light sky-blue color, the skin of which seemed to radiate the blue light-energy which had illuminated the night. Four silver legs emerged from the underside of the saucer shaped oval. In the center, between the legs, was a circular ring with a central apperture from which a crystal stone emitted an almost blinding clear light.
    The vessel settled slowly and gently to the ground. A round hatch openned on the underside and a silver ladder extended to the ground. A light violet glow shown from the inside of the vessel. Three beings emerged from the hatch, apparently female, though it was hard to tell from the distance I stood. They conveersed for a moment under the vessel, then began to walk toward me.
   As they drew near I noticed they were indeed female, and quite tall, perhaps 6' to 6' 3". Their skin was a golden-olive complexion. Their hair was jet black and very long. In the center of their heads the hair stood strait up and feathered back, which made these women appear even taller. Their eyes were Almond shaped, large, and slightly slanted, though not Oriental looking. The most impressive thing about their eyes was that they were a stunning crystal-blue, like the waters of a tropical lagoon.
To be continued....
Following is my dialogue with Ayani Tani Ora Yani aboard the ship in the 4th dimensional realm, Feb. 1999:
    "These are but some of the reasons we came to you. Because you do see, and it is beyond intellectual seeing. Your mind-world is easily shifted into inter-dimensional reality. In truth, many, many, of your imaginations, the pictures, the words, the holy-songs ~ you have seen these become real in your dimension outside the mind-world. In essence you are recieving images of reality, percieving its flow and vibration, and projecting it into creation, or into a creative process that eventually manifests in the outer-world. It is The One That Is, through the Spirit and energy of the dimensional planes that gives you the images. So you see it is the Maker who is creating, and you are just a vessel or a channel through which "God" flows."
    I mentioned the Bible verse that says, "God does nothing before "He" reveals "His" secrets to "His" servants the Prophets." Ayani Tani Ora Yani corrected my unconscious and ingrained use of "He", pointing out something about Patriarchal lack of enlightenment. She then said, "There you have a set formulae of words, a statement of truth, which is the exact evaluation of what Ne'Ani Kutani has spoken. On Earth religious people read the quote of the script, but few, very few let its reality and life penatrate their depths.
   Again, as you have learned, shallowness and superficiality are the result. Also too, the trap of self imposed limitation. Ti'Ya ! You do see! Because you see, you are here. You did not even percieve shifting back into the 3rd dimension from the 4th plane. In fact you slept and perhaps dreamt through that time, as I also did. when these happen to you, you take them as natural occourances instead of deep mystical secrets. esoteric revelation baffles many, but when one approaches it as one approaches a simple task, all things are known to them.
    It is truth, The One That Is first choses a person to channel something of Spirit through, as a river has its channel. Then the One That Is shows the person an eternal "memory." It can be called a "memory" because in the 7th dimensional plane "time" does not exist. All events in all worlds, in every Universe, and in every plane are known at once to The One That Is. It was known before Orion stepped out among the Stars. It was known before your world Earth was born into the 3rd dimension. It will be known when all existing things on every plane are absorbed into the 7th. So, you do see, The One That Is knows all things as a memory, and all things predictively. That which will be in our concept of time, already was in Gods mind. This is where the saying, "Seeing the end from the beginning," comes from."
   "You can touch someone by thought." Ayani Tani Ora Yani answered, "That in itself is neither good or evil. It is natural. It is how you choose to use this ability that matters. You are correct in saying a "fine line" because that denotes the closeness of the realms. You must be aware in the Spirit so that you do not walk over this fine line.
   The Spirit-Portal is a gateway for this energy. You can have transference this way, just as Paul was present at the Corinthian judgement. It is not "Astral" or "Out-of-Body" when done in this mannor. It is thought-energy. Astral travel is another level of experience. It is similar but not quite the same. Astral is when your complete spirit leaves your body. Paul also alludes to this in his second Corinthian letter, although he was not quite sure if had been a physical or an Astral experience.
   You are remembering when you experienced this. It was many years ago. Your Spirit body rose up out of your physical body. Your consciousness ~ your soul, rose with it. You observed your physical body in a catatonic state, resting ~ but all your faculties and senses were with your Spirit body. This was Astral."
   (I related a few other experiences I had in the past, one where I was attempting to project myself Astrally, and an image of myself appeared to someone 60 miles away, yet I was not conscious of it. The other questions I had were about dreams.)
   "When you meditated your mind projected an image of yourself, a "twin" of energy that appeared some distance from you. Your Spirit did not leave. Neither did your consciousness. All you did was send out an image. This is a third kind of experience. One is the Astral. The second is when only your consciousness is able to leave the body. You can still think, see, and hear, but you have no "body," you have no arms, no legs. Some of your dreams were as these. You can also project yourself while awake. And the third is when both your Spirit and Mind, or consciousness stays within the physical, but you project an image to a distant place.
   The dream you had where you appeared to have an "Out-of-Body" experience within the dream, after you seemed to experience an Out of Body experience can be explained. You Astrally projected both Spirit and Consciousness into your dream-world. Then your Soul or your Consciousness left your Spirit body. This is why you were able to observe your own Astral body within your dream. In essence you had "Trilocated." this is a rare experience. I do not know why this happened to you, except perhaps to excercise and strech the connectiveness of your triune being in order to make you more pliable in the hands of The One That Is. this is not fact. I am only giving you a possible explanation.
   Do you see how at times I know your thoughts before you express them in words? (I acknowledged this.) It is the same with communication through the Spirit-Portal. All people have this capability. Again, it is the limitations imposed by ideas and self-created systems that cause your abilities to function at such low levels. In the Corinthian letters it tells of seeing in a dark-glass, but that a time is coming when you will know, even as you are known. Once you make the transition to higher planes, then you do know as you are known.
   When God "hears" your silent prayer, what is really taking place? God percieves your thought-energy and discerns the words and meaning of that thought. Sometimes verbal prayer can be more effective because of the vibrational aspect. that becomes creative in itself. That is why singing and music functions on a level of Spirit and carries great power. It vibrates at levels that can stir the Soul and Spirit. Some can uplift you, while some can depress you. Thought-energy also vibrates, and it transcends some realms easier than words spoken aloud.
   When you get a message in your mind and feel it is inspired, do you hear it with your ears? Or do the words form in your mind? Whole teachings come to you in this manner. God communicates by thought-energy. It is a way of the Spirit and is part of the Spirit and dimensional plane. It cannot be seen visibly or heard audibly, or detected scientificly. Only by mind is it percieved. By mind it is deciphered and translated. By mind it is sent out. God said the Word God sends will not return void but will accomplish its purpose ~ what it was sent out to do...."
   (Note: She was right, and this teaching filled in a lot of gaps that I had at the time 4 years ago. At the end of recieveing the Orion revelations, I asked Ayani Tani Ora Yani to do something for me in order to prove she was real. I HAD believed the experience was real by pure faith as it was, but I even tested it further.
   I asked her to go get my girlfriend who at the time had been broken up with me for about 4 months. I asked that she come to me within 24 hours. I further asked that even if my girlfriends X~husband had to tell her to come see me. This was no simple request! Her X hated me and would never tell her to do something like that.
   It was about 12 hours after I asked Ayani Tani Ora Yani to do this, that my girlfriend showed up. The first thing she told me was that her X had told her to come see me! This event was the proof that sealed the Orion revelation as being real. Over time I also discovered much of the technical and theoretical information they told me was just being researched and validated by physicists.)
   "Flying appeals to all my senses..."
                                  ~ Kalpana Chawla,
                                     Columbia Shuttle Astronaut
Arwen on Alien Spacecraft:
March 14, 2003, 7:45 pm
   "Very few unidentified spaceships are from other worlds. Of the thousands of sightings, only a small percent are from the Stars. A few are. The human mind creates these images which are stored in the subconscios since times of old in ancient days. If the ethereal conditions are right, the energy of the mind projects the image to materialize both visibly and sometimes physically.
   Once the ships are manifest they may flit about randomly, and there are some that are taken over by parallel beings who are able to interact with and control them. These ships are real, some are what your world calls a hollogram projection, that of the mind, and, others are able to become more solid, which are detected by instruments. Because of their multidimensional nature, they can materialize and dematerialize randomly. The Orion Rania you visited is from the Stars, yet ships as these and such visitation is rare when compared to the number of ships seen in Earths skies."
   (Note: Although Arwen didn't tell me the actual percentage, I'm guessing that somewhere around 2% of the thousands of sightings and abductions are actually extraterrestial, and the other 98% are mental or spiritual projections originating right here on earth and interacting with the dimensional realms of the spiritual beings close to Earth in this Solar system. This makes sense, and it is a basic principle of High Magic.)
   "Whosoever,....Shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith."
                                      ~Mark 11:23
    Below I want to dedicate a spot to Kalpana Chawla, who dared to dream to touch the Stars. Her ancestors in ancient India knew well this dream, being aquainted with the flying Vimanas riding on rays as brilliant as the Sun.
   May your journey amongst the Stars be your Eternal Dream, in the Courtyard of Gods infinite Creation....





Above is the original Orion Files cover I created in 1999. Its obviously a little beat up, which almost makes it look like an ancient manuscript. I depicted the three Orion women I met as best I could. Actually, Arwen looks very similar to the Orion on the left, minus the spikey hair.... 
   The Orions, from left to right are: Ayani Tani Ora Yani, Ne'Ah Yay'Ah Alia, and, Neani Kutani.
   Notice too, how the Orion writing at the top is very similar to Elvish writing. I had not seen the Elvish writing of Middle Earth until this year....
   Below is a drawing of a Pleiadian ship over the planet Choragus in the Pleiades. It orbits the Sun-Star Maia. Both the Orions & Pleiadians have visited Earth and interacted with her inhabitants....