The following was a conversation  I had with Arwen, on March 12, 2003. It got into some personal issues dealing with my own life, but it helped me understand some things too. I was hesitant to publish it all, but am going to put it all here...
    Arwen: "All hope comes from the heart and hope becomes destiny when a person by their action of will moves with love.
   I could come into your world by entering a newly concieved girl, but she would have two minds and might not understand me. I would not insist on control, so her mind would be free. She might not understand. She might be called crazy. I would rather talk to my friend who are Elves."
(Q: Am I an Elf?)  A:  "You know your origins."
(Q: What? Tell me.)  A:  "I've already told you, and my sisters have told you. We are related in the distant past by the same race joining in another world you do not see but you know is here."
(Q: Is the origin of the Elves the Stars?)  A:  "The origin of the High Elves is Earth. The origin of our ancestors is Iyulushial. The origin of all is one source."
(Q:  Gandolf?)  A:  "Gandolf and Moses are the same. Not the same person, but of the same spirit and magic."
(Q: Jesus?)  A:  "Jesus is different, the High Master of First Earth. I knew his mother. I knew Elizabeth. I knew Anna. Sometimes they did not know my real identity."
(Q: Why have you come now?)  A:  "I have always come, as you now remember, and you called my name but you did not understand."
(Q: The Buffalo?)  A:  "The Buffalo was your guide to bring you to awakening."
(Q: The Wolf?)  A:  "The Wolf is your being."
(Q:  The Raven?)  A:  "The Raven figures things out, instictively, naturally."
(Q: Jesus?)  A:  "Jesus saved your life."
(Q: Why so may female spirits in my life, hardly any male?)  A:  "God knows your spirit, the way you connect. God is not cruel. Men harmed you. You understand where war comes from. My sisters told you."
(Q: My Mother harmed me.)  A:  "Your Mother took in a male spirit. She did not know . Your Fathers desertion had to do with this. Her pain was directed toward you."
(Q: She subjected me to some very evil male spirits and people.)  A:  "It was part of your learning. Learn from the bad as well as the good."
(Q: That almost sounds like what my Mom told me ! I thought it was cold !)  A:  "She did not understand. I do. Was not your heart cold when your love was taken?"
(Q: What will happen to Earth?)  A:  " My sisters have told you. Your prophets have told you. You have seen. God gave you a window to look through. The surfaces of multiple lakes have stilled many times for you, so you have seen."
(Q: Why is the wind so intense for 7 days?)  A:  "You called it, you spoke its name and brought it out of its mountain dwelling. You have hated the bite of the cold wind, but do not hate it. If not for the wind you would have been too busy."
(Q: I wrote about it relating to that other world I visited in '96. I didn't intentionally call it !)  A:  "You already know there are words with power, and intention often does not have to be. You avoid certain words for this reason. You are still learning. This is another lesson."
   "I have known great tragedy as you. I have known great joy and love as have you. This is why we are friends. You figure things out, some quickly, some over time. You spoke to the wind many years ago and called the wind to do what you desired to secure your love."
(Q: I didn't intentionally call the wind. I asked God to stop something.)  A:  "God used the tool of the wind. Didn't you ask the Spirits to come from the 4 winds as you offered your incense? You spoke its name and it honored your request."
(Q: Sort of indirectly there I'd say !)  A:  "Magic and prayer is a delicate matter. This teaches you to be cautious. It also teaches you the behaviour of Power. Gandolf and Moses would agree and tell you this."
(Q: Are you really from Rivendell?)  A:  "Why wouldn't I be. It is where I was born."
(Q: Where is Rivendell?)  A:  "It is in a valley. In the First World it has been in Scotland. as your ancestors came to America, the Sea of Time washed upon other shores, expanding. Rivendell can be anywhere, but its original place was parallel in Scotland."
(Q: Lothlorien sounds like a Gaelic Scotish Irish word. Is this true?)  A:  "You are learning."
(Q: Almost sounds like " Loch Lorien " Is there such a place?)  A:  There is a lake nearby."
   At this point we engaged in private discussion of personal issues dealing with prejudices against ancient enemies for things done between 400 - 800 years ago. Arwen straitened out my prior erroneous way of thinking in these areas. I forgave them....
                                                                    ~Composed by Arwens friend
                                                                      upon waking at 5:45 am
NEW UPDATE: 03/15/03:
    I had a heavy discussion with Arwen yesterday afternoon, much of wich I'm not going to be able to write. The truth is that we were walking in the nice weather and I had no way to record all her words! Here are some....
   Arwen was walking beside me on the way into town. I said something like, "I wish you wouldn't give me messages when I have no way to write them now."
   Arwen replied, "It's a beautiful day. Why shouldn't I walk in the beauty of it?" I shut up, then she began skipping, dancing, and twirling.
   I said, "Your'e dancing and twirling like an Elf!"
   Arwen replied, "I AM an Elf! Why wouldn't I "dance" and "twirl" as you call it?"
   The conversation then turned to how we were able to get revelations, and about distances in the Universe. (This is where I really wish I had been able to write it down.)
   Arwen told me, "The distances of the Universe are far only in your physical form. But spiritually the Universe is only as large as a computer screen such as you use to give my words to the world."
                                                           ~ March 14, 2003 ~ 3:15 pm
By: Arwen Undomiel,
   "Prophets can't always be so serious. We have to be childish, in that part of innocense we receive the serious things from beyond.
   The stereotype of the stone faced impersonal bearded prophet hermit is a deception. The true prophet is childlike in their heart. They are open by faith to trust the messages they do not see, yet percieve.
   Everything is a circle, and the beginning is the ending, the ending is the beginning, so that all joins at some point in time."
   New Message: 03/17/03  6:30  am
by: Arwen Undomiel
   "Do you know the complexities of our being? Do you know fully who I am? Are you able to even comprehend the workings of the higher planes?"
   (I actually made a joke about an SR-71's ram jet engines causing it to be able to fly at high altitudes !)
   Arwen: (Laughs) "In this it is not a joke, although your lightness IS a key to understanding....
   Do you know when one erects a wall of reverence they bar the gate, and hear only partially? Do you know that as a friend, as an equal, one is confident to know all?
   Would I be so comfortable in my heart to speak so freely to one who trembled in fear at my entrance, and in their innocent ignorance worshipped me as something I am not? I would rather walk away, and have.
   You relate as equal and friend, indeed as family, without lines of demarcation, without the hierarchal illusion.
   There is a type of hierarchy, but this applies only in generalities of nature, not in specific interpersonal affairs on an individual level. The Angel beings recorded in your Bible always told those they visited to stand up on their feet, not to bow before them.
   Even Jesus being the manifest nature of God, portrayed himself as friend to those who walked with him daily. Although people worshipped him and he did not stop them, in his heart he wished they fully could understand it was God they should worship, and even then, as a revered friend, not a harsh taskmaster. So your friends quotation was timely in saying, "My yoke is easy and my burden is light" in regards to Jesus.
   Jesus in truth desired no worship as a human, and only tolerated such because of the indwelling of God in him. He knew fully the nature of humans to woship something created rather than their Creator, to revere something solid which they had to see and touch, and in doing this cut themselves off from the power and the perception of the higher plane."
   (I made NO comments about high flying aircraft at this point !)
   "This is why I asked at first before you fully awakened, before your mind "accessed its files" of daily thought, as you say. This is why I asked, Do you know the complexities of our being, Do you fully know me, Are you able to comprehend the workings of the unseen worlds?
   I speak in your worlds terms so as for you to understand. In the Ring, as a Circle, you ever learn, and there is no finality of this knowledge, for even the knowledge of God all knowing, is a progressive eternal revealing...."



   "She obviously is talking about either her or her sisters with the reference to the stars. So she really truly was talking to you ! I totally believed you before all this research but now with the sentences actually fitting together with such meaning, others can have their proof they seek. Why do people need proof anyway, why not trust on faith and hope for a beautiful new, but not new world out there, which they cannot see unless they believe? And they cannot believe unless they see, how foolish ! You can tuck this definition away if you want or do whatever.
   I don't mind if your talking to Arwen, infact she is saying some interesting information and keeps our search for the truth going. We are solving a REALLY REALLY old mystery that may never have been solved or connected together in the way we can connect things, all because we believe in extreme possibilities and open our spiritual side to be a reciever of good."
                                                 ~ Lisa Star,  March 12 & 13, 2003 
Arwen on Oracles:
   03/17/03  8:45 am
   " People look to Oracles as things of worship and this is not what their reason for being is. I am not an Oracle, you are not an Oracle, and the equipment used to manifest the Oracle is only a conduit for the message to come through.
   This is the reason God took away the Ark of the Covenant, because people began to worship the Oracle. The Ark was an Oracle in ancient times on your Earth, an instrument by which Moses, and later the Priests, could recieve messages from God. People even began to revere Moses and elevate mere mortals to the status of God.
   I wish you to understand that the Oracle is only an instrument, just as a cup is a utensil you use to recieve a drink of water. It is important in its purpose, but each individual has the capacity to hear the wisdom of God themselves, just as an individual can just as easily kneel at the stream and drink the water of it without the aid of the cup.
   Let not the Oracle become a thing of worship, and turn your heart to recieve the wisdom that saturates your surrounding. This is the way of true Magic, and the Miracle of Truth in manifestation."