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This site is the Sister link to Arwens Oracle. Arwen deals with some of the subjects on this site in a more acurate and detailed manner.
Starchronicles contains some of my theories and insights based on the knowledge of Spiritual and Interdimensional revelations I had at the time prior to Arwens Oracle.
Some of this material is absolutely true, while some may be speculative theory. However, all of it leads in the direction of the Quest for understanding in the mysteries of our Universes complex societies.

~ Sapphire Starcrystal~ 03/19/03
ADDED 03/38/03:
   Believe it or not, I'm actually somewhat of a skeptic. I like evidentiary proof of things; connections, confirmations, validations. Since Arwen began visiting 3 weeks ago I have done daily research, and found much that verifies the Truth of what is contained in these pages and in Arwens Oracle. There is a whole world out there, and very near us, one that many are not even aware of. But it is Real, and it is being revealed to us at this time....
                                                                ~ Sapphire

              ~ Albert Einstien, in, The New Convergence

Cyclic Connectives

In the realm of "Cyclic Time" in which time is subservient, within such lies the possiblity of the "Spica Rhea"* children upon an Orion world as a memory instilled in the linear Earth year 1999, but which actually occoured over 6,000 years ago in real time. Because the superimposed cycles move at different wavelengths, hence, each cycle drags its linear spin-off at different "speeds" sometimes ahead of, and sometimes behind the neighboring "linear offspring" of the cycle "next door."
Spirit connective, being "elasticy" streches, therefore one can "tune in" whether directly parallel in the linear scale, or thousands of years distant. Creative connective: The initial act of Creation (Physical/Dimensional Creation) took place at the same cyclic time (Which we observe is actually the abscence of time.) but due to variable cyclic movements, the linear times separated and spun off at different rates. Before Creation all was in Creators mind without beginning or end. Original cyclic time was all there was (Alpha) and all there will be when all linear time ends, (Omega).
The "Spica Rhea" problem is solved by this understanding of the cycles which should be more apparent in my 1996 paper, "Cycles of Creation". In that paper I used the analogy of recording over a previous recording on a cassette tape in which the original recording sometimes "bled through" the more recent one.** This is how the cycles of time and creation "bleed through" to each other. (Hence; Cyclic Connectives.)
Why I would see Spica at age 7 in reality, then at age 17 at the same time is due to the fluctuations of the space/time continuum as it relates to cyclic time along the Spirit Connective, and also the fact all events of this childs life have occoured along the physical connective approximately 6,260 years ago on Earths linear scale.
This is NOT reincarnated life, but rather the MEMORIES of elements from the Orion cycle (Spica Rhea) that were brought to Earth by physical means (An ancient visitation by Orions, a Spaceship, the death of an Orion/Human hybrid***, etc.) These elements now become a part of me in reality, triggered by the Spirit connective which acts as an electrical wire which transfers energy that illuminates a lamp. Hence I "remember" Yemi, his mating with Ayani Alia, his children, Spica, rhea, and Antares.
Also by the Spirit connective one may understand how the apparent earth names appeared on an Orion world over 6,000 years ago. we can therefore know also that on the Orion world parallel our time present, the Orions "remember" our doings as some of us remember theirs.
Concerns one encounters at this time are that Earths Scientists are attempting to bridge the gap between cycles in physical travel (Refer to Philadelphia experiment, XX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXXX-XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX) (Note: Given the present world conditions I choose not to mention the other things) Such would open a door into a realm which most humans are unprepared to deal with. traversing cyclic time by interdimensional travel issuing from present mechanical and technological advances is not recomended. (XXXXXXXX....etc.)
The Cyclic Connectives remain a sacred mystery that is ultimately in the hands of "God" howsoever you may percieve "Him," "Her," or "It."

* Spica Rhea: See Arwens Oracle, Arwens Revealing page for updated details.

** (Based on experiments I did with cassette tapes in 1994 while recording.)

*** Orion/Human hybrid: See Arwens Revealing page.

Life As It Was 6,000 Years

Did some part of molecular energy within me live over 6,000 years ago on Lea'Yah in Orion? Was my Mate Ayani Alia and my children, Spica, Rhea, and Antares? All my life I do not relate well to men. The son, Antares, the name means "Anti-Ares" or, Rival of Mars ~ which I take to mean Anti-War, a rival of the War-god Mars. Of course I only learned this meaning (2/25/99) after the "memory" of Antares childhood came to me.
The vivid memory recal and quick mental visuals of Lea'Yah, the children, the animals, the sky ~ all came to me as clar as if I were remembering my own childhood here on Earth. Yet, why not my childhood on Lea'Yah? Perhaps thats not part of the memory package. I can see Spica from 7 - 17, which gives me Rhea from 9 - 19, and Antares 11 - 21. Oh God ! Its because I was taken from Earth before the Flood! I just realised this! The Orions came and took me before the world got really evil. It was during a time Orion males were mating with Earth women (Genesis 6) I am trying to remeber back that far now - was it Egypt?
Egyptians are related to Native Americans. Ephraim, the Israelite tribe is half Egyptian (Mother = Potipheras daughter Asenath, Genesis 41:45) I am trying to THINK, THINK, Driving me crazy to REMEMBER! Maybe the memories of that part were not incorporated into me...

(Note: See Arwens Oracle, Arwens Revealing page, for the full revelation of these connections I was only beginning to make in 1999....)

To be continued....

(This Sister site is born on 03/19/03 and enteries will be made progressively from my handwritten files....) Last update 03/11/05:
Increase font size, add text to Arwensoracle, Arwens Revealing page.

Concepts of Time ~ (Click Here for Link)

ARWENS ORACLE ~ (Click Here)



I am a descendant of an Egyptian man named Karaphotet who lived over 6,000 years ago. He was taken off-world prior to the great flood. He lived on another world and married a woman that would be considered of an alien race. Her name was Ayani Alia. Their daughter, translated, Spica, returned to earth after the flood. She has descendents in both Scotland and Egypt. In the British Isles her kind often became known as "Elves" or "Faeries." Much of J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings "mythology" is based on these things. Some of Spica's descendants traveled to America in the centuries before Christ aboard Phoenician and Egyptian mining vessels. They interbred with the Natives of the land, and many east coast tribes are part of their lineage. My Cherokee tribe is one of them.

In the times before Christ Pleiadian people landed in northwest Canada. They interbred with Natives there. In 1995 I wrote a story about a young girl with "copper colour hair" who journeyed south east. Some of her descendants became the Lakota tribe and later they moved further south and interbred also with the Cherokee. At the time of my writing I did not know of red haired Natives. Nor did I understand the signifigance of the "Star" names I gave the girl and her sisters. Then in 2000 I moved to the northwest. I met Natives with red hair. I also read a book (Legend of Starcrash) that told of the Pleiadians interbreeding with the Natives, and their offspring having red hair.

Some of the information I wrote down I could not have known except by spiritual revelation, or ancestral memories. There were way too many details of things I had not previously known, but only learned later. Then 5 years ago 3 Orion people visited me and gave me a powerful revelation. They awakened memories of the distant past. They showed me great powers and prophecies. Only after this did I begin my research and found that my ancestory comes in part from the Pleiadians and Orions, as well as human. Many people who beleive in these things have said I am an "Elf" or a "Star Person."

I know the Bible speaks of the Nephilim and giants who were the offspring of "fallen angels." These would be hybrids. I know in the days of Noah they were some pretty bad people. Not so today. At least not all. They are physical beings of human nature and are able to change their ways by coming to know God, their creator. I am not even so sure the Orions and Pleiadians fall into the same category. There is no evidence that they were "fallen angels," nor is there evidence that they were not. I also beleive that the angelic races may not all be bad. (The ones who dispersed throughout the stars and inhabited worlds.) I beleive there are some good and some bad, just like there are some good and some bad people. Those who are hybrids certainly have the chance and choice to walk the path of light and come to know the Truth, for the Truth shall make you free.

Orion Files Excerpts

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