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Being a Sequel to the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King


Long ago it had been told that the dominion of the Elves had passed, and that noble race dwelt beyond the circles of the world and do not return.

Ere the inhabitants of Middle earth resigned themselves to a life apart from the Elven presence, there was held a council in the realm of Eru: the Realm within the Void spoken into being and upheld by the word of Iluvatar.

All the mighty Valar were present, as well as the Maiar, and countless other spirits. The light of Eru shone about the Realm, from which all false things must flee, and against which no deceit can be formed. Great were the stirrings among the host, for they had come to present themselves before the light of Eru with grave petitions.

Manwe, the vicegerent of Iluvatar, along with Elberith, Queen of the Valar, and a great host of the spirits of blessedness stood forth and came unto the inner light of Eru where no mortal could enter. Manwe spoke, his voice like a song, and uttered these words, which echoed throughout the Realm of Eru ~

"Long ago the Prophecy of the North foretold the Doom of the Noldor, and hence all the Elven races faded from the wondrous lands of Middle-earth, being replaced as it would seem, by the race of men. The Doom of the Noldor spread its cords to embrace the whole world, and what can we speak of this matter, O Eru, dweller in the Light which no Elf nor man may enter? Should not then, there be sent into the world a King of great power and equally great love, that might by thy grace rectify those things which remain of the consequences of this doom?"

Eru's voice then flowed out into all his realm, a sound as of many waters singing, and in words incomprehensible to mortal ear, he agreed to the petition of Manwe and the Valar. Seeing with the foresight of Seeing, Eru, who is known also as Iluvatar, foresaw this time of great need and thence prepared he to meet it. He who gave the gift of Being by his speaking into being, once again erupted in rapturous song which filled all the Realm and beyond. The ancient Stars heard it and danced shimmering in their set abodes throughout the heavens above Arda, rejoicing at the proclamation of Iluvatar. /////


Being as it is now in the Everlasting Age, there is a glad Tale that is told a Tale that bears the Truth upon wings to fly throughout all time and beyond all time. These then are the words of the Tale concerning the things that took place in the Fourth Age in the Realm of Arda after the passing of the great Kings. Long had Middle-earth enjoyed the peace brought about after the downfall of Mordor and the defeat of Sauron. Yet in this peace there was a hidden sadness, for the Elves the race of Eldar, had passed from Middle-earth and few remained that even bore a small amount of elven blood in their veins.

The forests had spread across the lands, even unto Mordor. Everything once corrupted by the dark presence and cloud of doom had been rejuvenated, so that flowers bloomed in places of sand, and ever green the grasses grew in the fields and dale. None did war in the villages and countries of Middle-earth. From east to west there was peace amongst the race of Men for Men it seemed were the ones who inherited the world left them by the Valiant struggles of the Elves in times of old.

There came a time after those days, well into the Fourth Age, that men began to multiply exceedingly. To accommodate them, certain Men of rough character formed themselves into labour squads and began to fell trees to provide wood for the building of cities. At first they cleared the Northern lands of forest, then moved south and took of the Ancient Trees in Eryn Lasgalen, which had been called Mirkwood in times long past. Over half of Eryn Lasgalen was cut clear in less than a decade. They even pushed as far as Fangorn, decimating the race of Ents until there was scarce any that remained.

Middle-earth still bloomed green, and trees sprang up speedily, even where the giants of old had been sundered from their roots. There were forests of young, thin trees, but the Ancient giants were swiftly disappearing. As a result, many forest creatures fled the devastation and entered into villages. This upset the balance of life in Arda, and was realized by more than a few of the folk who relied on the product of the forests for home building and business. Hence these Men gathered themselves to oppose the work of the Northern Men, and an attempt was made to halt the cutting of trees south of Rivendell.

It was in these days when Men were great upon the earth that Bilbo of the Hobbits, being Bilbo of the line of Bagginses from which the elder Bilbo sprang, was in the Shire with ..???? There was something moving near the hedgerow, which Bilbo and Sam went to investigate. "Hearken there!" Bilbo cried, then whispered to sam, "Thats a Man, is it not? I do say it is! A Man in the Shire! What could this mean?"

"Shhhh!" Sam countered

The Man stirred and stood up strait and tall.

"Men are not to be in the Shire!" Bilbo exclaimed.

"Shhhhhhhh!" Sam again warned.

"But.but this is.."

The man had noticed the two Hobbits for some time and presented himself plainly to them.

"Ah, there my little friends," He called, "Not to worry yourselves. I mean you no harm, see?"

"This is the Shire," Bilbo began to object to the mans presence.

Sam cautioned Bilbo again, "Quiet, please, lets find out first why hes here and what he may want, or what he may need, because look at how hes dressed"

Surely Sam had a point, for the tall man was unkempt, his clothing that of the peculiar dress of the North, several days stubble upon his chin.

"Do you have a name?" Sam asked, "I am Sam and this here is Bilbo."

"Ah an introduction is always fitting in such a case" The man answered, "I am Orophin. Orophin Melwasul, and I have been traveling some days and am lost. I noticed a village nearby, but of what my folk would find peculiar. No offence of course. We folk of the North live in stout lodges of thick wood and stone"

"Lost then," Bilbo quickly spoke up, "So it would seem. And of need of food and a wash no doubt. No offence. Since there is an edict in the Shire passed some many years ago that no Man may be allowed here, I say then we should go to our village, get some food and what clothing might fit, though it all be small on ye Im afraid.Well, Oro.Orophin Melwahhh."

"Melwasul" Orophin corrected, "Orophin Melwasul, and Id be happy to wait here amongst the wood for your return, if you be so kind to help a lost man who has wandered into your private lands"

"Yes wait," Bilbo huffed, wanting to be on about the business at hand, "Come Sam, let us go, and you, Orophin Mel. Melwashole, wait here, right here!"

Of AnarienAnarien rode swift upon her steed, being as it was late and the dark had begun descending over the Misty Mountains. Through the gates of Lorien she rode gates which were not shut by night since the Dark Power had been banished from the land. A sense of urgency compelled her, though she knew not its roots.

Waist length golden hair flowed behind her as she rode, and her countenance reflected the unique shimmering glow once prominent among Elves: for she was Anarien, Part-elven, the last of her race, being the seventh generation from Aragorn and Arwen, King and Queen of Gondor, born in the year 301 of the Fourth Age, or 15?? According to Shire Reckoning. ////

In those days, in the month Narie, came Elberith to Lorien and alit upon the crest of a hill. To Anarien she called, and Anarien heard her voice, but saw no figure of the one who spoke. Yet within her heart Anarien knew the voice was that of one of the servants of Iluvatar, and she pondered this for a moment as the awe of the encounter mounted. A glimmer shone about the trees, and then the woman appeared, radiant as the Sun in its blazing glory for she was Elberith, Maker of the Stars.

Speechless, Anarien bowed herself upon the grass, but a hand reached out to her and gently touched her shoulder. "Arise, Child of Eru, Daughter of Elves, and Companion of those who wait for the Renewing,"

The voice of Elberith spoke both to Anariens ears and to that part within her. " I am come from the Realm of Eru with a message for thee Anarien. You shall conceive and give birth to that which is of the Ancient. That which is equal to the Valar, yet greater than they. Let this not seem a strange thing to thee Lady Anarien, for you shall bear the seed of Eru and bring light into the world. After that shall the Eldar return, not as before in ages past, but greater. Men too shall reap of the bounty that will be provided by the One that you shall bear. Indeed, all of the Realms in all the World shall know the blessedness of Eru, for He shall walk in the midst of that which He made long ago."

Them as suddenly as the vision had appeared, (For Anarien perceived it to be a vision of the Valar) it faded, and Anarien fell faint to the ground.

//// It was not too many weeks after the visitation of Elberith, in the month Urime, that Anarien found herself with child, though she had known no man. The citizens of Lorien wondered at the meaning of this, for no one dared accuse her of foul play since her ways were impeccable since her childhood. Anarien spoke little to the folk about her, and instead spent her time in the gardens and fields of Lorien. When the time came, which was during the season of Tuile, for her to give birth, Anarien entered into a secret place which no one knew except her mother. She brought forth a Man-child in the month Viresse, and named him Lenwe Meneldur.

Of the Blessed Child

   Many speculated who Lenwe Meneldur might really be. Some reckoned it was Manwe of the Valar. Others believed it was Eru Iluvatar himself taking on mortal form. Still others said he was one of the Maiar, or one of the Elves come back from across the sea. Not a few insisted that he was Legolas Greenleaf returned, but these were fey, spending their time spinning tales of one kind or another, but never agreeing on any one story. Thus their folly proceeded but a short time before the truth became known.

Those who had known the old tales knew, but many feared that some kind of doom might overtake them were they to reveal their thoughts to many others. So they remained silent for the most part, except for brief discussions of these matters on occasion. Their silence was further sealed by the reports of a fell wind that had been heard coming out of the eastern lands. Many worried their hearts over the meaning of this wind, but few would know until the fullness of time was at hand.))))

Of Nessa the Fair

She came, as was her custom to draw water from her favorite place. Her copper hair fell about her shoulders in loose curls, and a light glew upon her face. Tall she was among the women-folk of the land, and her gray eyes sparkled with something that betrayed the inner depths of her heart. Nessa was her name not the Nessa of the Valier, but rather, Nessa born of Elves and Men: sister of Anarien.

She ever spent her days in the wild, twirling as she danced amidst the gardens of Lorien, and frequenting the surrounding wood. By Anduin she often crept fleetfooted at night to gaze at the Stars, and to behold the ancient lights of Luinil, Nenar, Alcarinique, Telumendil, And Valacirca among the others whose reflection shimmered upon the flowing waters.

Nessa was wed to Caranthir Carnesir, a mysterious, yet compassionate man who was of the Ancient house of Finwe and Miriel Serinde, of the Noldor. Together they seemed as one, and when they spoke, sometimes the listener could not tell where the one ended and the other began. Caranthir had a unique vision for things not seen, and in another time may have been called a seer. These things he kept to himself, though Nessa knew, and so too she shared in the gift.

The seed of Elves had long been mingled with the seed of Men, and those descendents were not deathless. Still the Spirit of Fire burned within Caranthir, just as it had in Feanor of Old. He knew also of the light contained within the Silmarills, and he held on to a glimmer of hope which he kept secret from other Men. This hope he too shared with Nessa, and with her closest friends.

Nessas friends were Eowathiel and Alatariel, sisters of fair complexion and hair the color of straw. These knew the ancient tales of the War of the Rings, and often they told the story amongst themselves. But whereas many in Middle-earth now seemed to forget or ignore their history, Nessa and her friends clung to hopes that others believed to be futile.

"Remember the words of Gandalf," Nessa told Eowathiel and Alatariel, "That he had said that the time had come for the Dominion of Men, and the Elder Kindred shall fade or depart? His words are so sad, and I find in my heart that at times I pine for the days when Elves roamed the forests. And so it came to pass that the Elder Kindred, - the Elves, did seem to go away, and it seemed the work of Gandalf and of the Eldar had served its purpose and was no longer necessary. Yet I wonder if there ever was truly an end"

"I feel in my heart there never was an end" Eowathiel responded, "I truly do. All say the Elves are gone from the world for good, but I too long for those days well, not the days of war, but the days when the Elves and the immortal were here"

"I have my own thoughts on this," Alatariel said, "And I think there will come a time ere the end if there can ever be an end to things, that the lands that lie under the waves are lifted up again. These very words Galadriel spoke to Celeborn at their departing. It is written in the old tales during the time of the War of the Rings, at the changing of the Age."

Nessa thought on these things for a moment, then addressed her two friends: "I feel they are still with us in a way. I can sense them though they be not right here in front of us. Its like its a really low flame, and some day it will burn brighter. Right now its small, but its still lit though many deny. I cant deny what I feel and know, and youre the same."

Of Alatariel and Orophin

Alatariel was young and fair, which was not lost in the thoughts of Orophin ever since he had seen her by the water. In his mind he desired her. In his hear he was not sure what he thought. Yet he would find a way to meet Alatariel alone, away from her friends. Orophin had heard her speaking of Elven days and distant lands which stirred within him a need to tell his own tales. While many spoke of Elves returning and mysterious kings, he knew that it was Men that held the key to the future of Middle-earth. Through the power he had felt, being convinced it came from the magic of Iluvatar, Orophin would find someone to teach of the ways he way beginning to understand. Alatariel seemed, for now, the most promising subject.

So it came to pass that at evening time, Orophin spied outside the gates of Lorien, and alas, Alatariel walked alone as the birds began to sing their night songs and the trees rustled softly in a gentle wind. In the fields of Celebrant she skipped and danced, and it was here Orophin made his move. He tethered his horse by a tree, then merrily he came whistling a tune. So subtle was he that Alatariel wist not that anything was amiss, for by all appearances this man coming her way in the gray of dusk surely meant her no harm. It came to pass then that Orophin wooed Alatariel, and she found confidence in his words. So enamored was she by his advances that she even let him kiss her on the lips after walking her to the place he had tied his horse, and letting her ride with him to the gates of Lorien.

As the days passed, Orophin called on Alatariel many a time. He had begun to speak with her in regards to his thoughts. One evening, while lying upon the grass by Anduin, he spoke thus:

"My dear Alatariel, fairest in the land you are. Yet I find oft your tales are rooted in things that are past for good. I do remember well what is written of Saruman, and his words to Gandalf. While we both realize Saruman could not be trusted amongst the Istari, still his words were true. He said, The Elder days are gone. The Middle Days are passing. The Younger days are beginning. The time of the Elves is over, but our time is at hand: the world of Men, which we must rule There is no hope left in Elves or dying Numenor. Although he wished to take power for himself, and this did not come to be, yet the days of the Elves passed, and the Dominion of Men is what we have. Alas it is true, and I fear my sweet, that you embrace but a dream when you speak of Elves."

"Not so, my Orophin," Alatariel responded, "Whilst what you say appears true for the time, and has been this way for many, many long years, I do feel in my heart the days of the Eldar are not gone from us forever. Some way, somehow I believe with all my heart they shall return, some day."

It was that eve that Orophin and Alatariel coupled under the stars, but when Alatariel desired him again in the night, for he was handsome to behold, that Orophin could not please her, and so in his frustration cursed the Stars under which he had been born. It was after this, in the pre-dawn darkness, that Alatariel awoke from her sleep and felt that something was amiss. Yet she could not understand what it was. Orophin had left during the night. This was a bit disturbing, though there was no danger being in the fields at night. Alatariel rose and began the walk back to Lorien. But her thoughts were restless, and she wondered why this was so.

Of Eldar Descent and The Light of TreesI wot not the ways lost be not told. Being that Laurelin the Golden was destroyed by the dread dooms of Morgoth, it seems only fitting that the ever creating hand of Eru, that is, Iluvatar, would resore it as he hath Telperion through the seedling found by Aragorn.

Being that my descent is of the Eldar through the line of Feanor, and that Nessa (Nenharma) be descended of that elven kind as well, through Galadriel, we should hence devote our days to searching out such precious jewels as the silmarills, for these contain within them the embodiment of the light of both Telperion and Laurelin.

Having battled with the likes of Morgoth and the dread Ringwraiths of shadow that accost me by night, and having known the blessedness of Eru's light as well as through various visitation of Valar and Maiar, herein I find by joining myself to that light, the Dark shadow must flee.

Many centuries have past and the earth lies in the darkness, for men have overtaken all lands, and the sacred things of old were driven out. Men as were written are hewers of trees, pillaging the earth for gainful profit, while the Children of the stars and those blessed of Eru are oppressed by the wrathful intent of the race of man. When Morgoth, who is Melkor, drove his black spear deep into the blessed Trees upon the hill Ellohazar, and Ungloiant spread her dark blackish poison so they withered: this was the beginning of sorrows for trees, and ever since Man has waged war upon forests, and is not satisfied with just a little.

Would be that the elvish ones now return, and indeed as is written in the sacred lore, it shall be through the one we know as the son of Eru, the son of Light. Through this blessed one only can be found the satisfaction of joy through which the Eldar rejoiced when the stars burned young in the bright skies, and their glimmer shone reflecting eternity upon their faces fair.


Dialogue With Tetharwen

"I trust myself and my sister only," Tetharwen proclaimed, then quieting her voice, continued, "To believe in Eru is a fleeting tale. That the Elves are no myth I do concede, yet I do not find in my heart to know any power beyond them."

"Surely you must believe the tales of the Beginning of Days, how Eru created the Ainur, and the Valars hand" Caranthirs speech was quelled by Tetharwen, who raised her hand and spoke in rebuttal,

"Oh yes, I know the tales Myths, all of them! Those stories are but symbols which describe events that happened within the visible realm of Arda. The Eldar used those tales to try and explain why the Stars shine, why the Sun rises, or why the wind blows. Or how I know sometimes what is to be ere it is. But this Eru is just something conceived in the minds of Elves and this belief of yours was furthered by the devices of Men."

Caranthir watched Tetharwen as her determination manifest in her words. So convinced she seemed of what she was telling him, yet he knew in his heart that some fell idea had come over her thoughts.

"My dear Tetharwen, He of whom you speak so crassly is the same who counts the number of the Stars; He calls them all by name. I will praise Him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are His works, and that my heart knows very well. A pity you know not the blessedness I have found in the Word of the Ancient Tales."

"You Caranthir! Think! You are not a Thrall, nor are you dim-witted, though I do believe you are somewhat fey. You say this Eru made everything from nothing, and that what He made bore after its kind? Yet look to the Tales you believe for the answer: How beasts became monsters of horn and ivory, and dyed the earth with blood! The Trees of the Forest changed , and of these things you durst not deny. Furthermore you would know your tales speak of the breeding of the Orcs, who multiplied after the manner of the Children of Eru, hence too, they changed. And finally, as you know, that Melkor, the Dark One himself, could not make life, nor could he make even the semblance of life. The life, you see, is in the flesh and in the blood of what lives, and is not created. Seeing as you know the story, but still you refuse to know what it truly signifies, herein I wonder at you, and the thoughts of those you try to emulate. Life changes ever so slowly from generation to generation so slight that in one mortal lifetime one could not notice, but after many ages are passed, what was once one form becomes another."

All Caranthir could answer her was, "The things you speak of were all brought about by Melkor as you say, and it is exactly what Melkor and the spawn of his kind want you to believe! The Dark Power has ever sought to corrupt the hearts thoughts of all living things but especially of those who know love, and joy, and hope. Melkor would have you believe that in ages past your lineage was born of worms or creeping things in the silt of the Ancient seas. Do you think Melkor wants your thoughts to dwell on the knowledge the knowing that all living things were made as they were by Eru?"

"Farewell Caranthir," said Teharwen, as she turned to the side as in preparation to leave his presence. "Your heart speaks well to me, but it is only of your heart and those hearts of others before you that it speaks. The Ancient Tales you believe so, they come from the heart, and not from beyond in some Void we cannot see. Have you seen it Caranthir? Have you ever really seen it? I know your imagination has seen it, and in the thoughts of your heart but is this seeing?"

(((( Lost to us are the glories of the former ages, when bathed in splendour the Earth rejoiced and sang the songs of Manwe. This I know, that my departing shall be sweet, but for you, bittersweet. Do not fret, it only causes harm.))))

((((How can it be that at the same time which a King such as this is born, that such a Dark wind also blows from the East? A portent of doom I say, I do say and such a one of which has never been seen before, I fear. Even when Sauron and Saurumon gave themselves to serve the Darkness, was not that Darkness felt such as this wind is said to be.))))

Caranthir: (In words with Orophin Melwasul) - (Orophin the Dark) "I have not sat with vain mortals, nor will I go in with those who are double-tongued. I have hated the assembly of evildoers and will not sit with the wicked. Yet still you judge me as if I did all these and more! I wonder what secret deeds your heart conceals? Are you so perfect that you never erred at all? I am not, nor do I claim to be such as that. You have whispered behind my back regarding Tetharwen, and I hear more than small rumour that is an affront to my beloved Nessa. I perceive you know little if nothing of friendship or love. You speak words but have nothing to demonstrate that you really believe them at all. Would I draw my sword if it were not that you do this in ignorance, but be it known, these idle tales must cease, and I beg of you, let them not be uttered any further."

Orophin glared at Caranthir, his eyes betraying the murder that fouled his heart, "You speak to me as to slay me?" He growled. "One of these days, may it be soon, you shall meet your end, and perhaps at the tip of my sword!"

"Now you speak plainly, and show the things in your heart!" Caranthir retorted, "And you threaten to kill and bring a curse upon me. I fear not your curse, nor your sword, Orophin. Run me through now if you will. You fear to try for you are a coward that preys on women, and young unsuspecting women at that. You would stab me in the back no doubt, but to a mans face you only growl. As a coward dog you have no bite but that it come from behind."

Both mens hands gripped the hilt of their swords, and both mens hands were slick with sweat as well.

Orophin laughed heartedly, then, "A dog you say? Ha! I am innocent of the deeds of dogs, my friend. You I think are rather the dog, and you I think have been secreting in the fields with Alatariel and Tetharwen. You probably take Eowathiel too! And does your precious Nessa know what you do? I think not! And I am the dog?"

Caranthir knew the time had come that this conversation be done with, and so he broke it off with a final warning, "You know nothing of Tetharwen, who would not have you in any manner Im sure! Alatariel you once deceived, but she learned quickly of your ways. And if she wasnt young enough, being less than half your age, you would lust for Eowathiel as well. As far as Nessa is concerned, were you to even attempt to approach her for your desires, you would meet your doom. Yet it will not be I that slays you. Not I. You will meet your doom in a way you do not expect, even when you may pretend to help those you harmed. The hand of Eru will smite you with a swiftness you shall not see ere it strikes Good day Orophin."

At that Caranthir mounted his horse and rode off, not looking back as Orophin mumbled under his breath, "Good day? It will be a good day when I have Alatariel again and see you in the old dungeon of Carn Dum Or else dead."

Caranthir felt a stir in his mind, as if words formed from something both beyond him and within him. "Ahhh, the Witch-Realm." He uttered aloud. He wheeled and turned back, riding hard, covering the distance in a moment, straightway up to Orophin.

"You would curse me to the Witch-realm, would you? Think not that your thoughts dont betray you and are known? Yet you shall know the true curse ere ye reach Forlindan. I leave you now to ponder that Do not follow!"

Caranthir again prodded his horse into a gallop and was swiftly gone from Orophins presence.

"How does he do that!?" Orophin fumed, "How does he know these things?"


Of the Servant King

"Remember the word to your servant upon which you caused me to hope."

Lenwe turned to the dying man who had been gored by the beast. Touching his breast, he uttered words in a language not known nor heard since the beginning of days. A warmth came over the man where he lay. His strength returned and he awoke, then raised himself up.

Quotes: "He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from Anduin unto the ends of the earth. They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him, and his enemies shall lick the dust."

Orophin rode hard down the hill, his red steed foaming at the nostrils. He bore down upon Lenwe who stood transfixed in his place.

"You there! Lenwe Meneldur!" Orophin snarled, his blood stained sword already drawn and ready as to strike. "Shall I cut you asunder where ye stand? Or shall I take thee captive and offer thee to Melkorgoth as a snack?"

Lenwe calmly stood his ground and stared into the blazing eyes of Orophin the Dark, saying, "Your rage betrays you Orophin. You could have no power over me except it be granted thee to have. As for me, here I stand! Do as thou must!"

Orophin, breathing out hatred and contempt, heaped vile words and accusations upon Lenwe. When Lenwe offered neither resistance nor rebuttal, Orophin reined his horse and galloped away spewing curses as he went.

Of the Dragon Melkorgoth

The mighty Dragon arose, breathing putrid flames which melted even the very stones they scorched. So volatile was his breath that Men would fall as dead ere they came within distance to strike at the Beast. Swinging his head beladen with ten ivory horns, Melkorgoth leered through his long yellow teeth as sickles.

"Unto me is granted the power to rule in Arda," the Monster sneered, "To grow in form as I take what was once taken from me! Let the feeble mortals fight, for the more they fight, the more I shall take of their strength, until they be as kindling before my flame!"

For Melkorgoths strength came about as he sapped the strength of other living things that tried to resist him. So great was the power of this spell that few could withstand it, even from great distances. The Dragon could cause one to become so weak that they would believe any lie he would later plant within their thoughts, for he could enter their thoughts because he caused them first to be in a weakened state.

Splitting of the Earth

Long they rode through the night, oft assailed by ghastly beasts from the woods. Caranthir, Nessa, Gelmir, Tetharwen, and the insidious Orophin who now appeared to have genuinely repented himself of his deviousness.

They came to the foothills of Ered Luin, cross the fields of Eriador, and entered upon a path appearing likely to traverse the range. Upwards they climbed till the path narrowed so that their mounts had to be turned back. On they pressed by foot, into the rugged crags. Hence they traveled on with Orophin Melwasul, for their journey had brought them to the foothills of Ered Luin, the place where Orophin the Dark had led them by his treachery. While his purposes remained as hidden as did the black intent of his heart at times, the trio had realized the peril that surely must await if they let down their guard but for a moment in his presence.

Of a sudden there was a shaking under foot, and the five stumbled, regained their footing, only to be thrown flat as the earth reeled and a tremendous crunching and grinding sound emanated from below them.

The rocks broke apart above them and all around them as great flames leapt from the chasm below. Screams erupted as the rocks sundered and fell into the molten abyss. Tetharwen ran as she could along the quickly crumbling path. Caranthir and Gelmir Sirfalas were but a few paces ahead of her when a portion of the ledge collapsed into the flame. Tetharwens scream turned the two men back, but it was too late. She had disappeared from sight as thick swirling columns of black smoke ascended from the pit, laced with red fire and the stench of sulfur.

"Hellllllp!" the voice pierced through the dark and confusion. Caranthir turned and was first to come to the precipice of the cliff the place where only broken ledge remained of the path that had just moments before been under foot. Gelmir held back as the earth shuddered in yet another spasm, almost as if labouring in birth.

"She is here!" Caranthir cried as he espied Tetharwen hanging on to a tiny ledge of loose rock that was rapidly giving way under the earths convulsions. Caranthir leapt down a short but steep crevasse and was able to only barely reach out and grasp Tetharwens hand. At that same moment the earth trembled still again and Tetharwen dangled free from the cliff, held only by her wrist in Caranthirs grasp.

"Grab my hand!" Caranthir called to her, it seeming leagues away yet only two arms length.

"Dont let go!" Tetharwen wailed, "I have not the strength to hold"

Caranthir yelled back to Gelmir who was still above and as yet out of reach, urging him to hurry before both were cast down into the churning smoke and flame that belched from the great maw of earth opened under them.

As if to mock the three struggling people, the earth shook itself once more, and even darker smoke swirled around them as they faced certain doom. Fire reached to engulf Tetharwens legs as she dangled in Caranthirs grasp. Caranthir choked, his eyes burning in the smoke, and looking down saw Tetharwens reddened tear filled eyes and the rivulets of tears streaking her blackened face. The flames sprung at them like a coiled beast that strikes, and Caranthirs head went dizzy in the heat that enveloped him.

Of the Banishment to Aikanaro

And of the Valar sent they carriages from the Blessed realms, to carry away Morgoth, and the Dark Elves, Wraiths, Orcs, and Trolls. Along with them were all the fell spirits taken that had joined fast to the Dark Powers. Iluvatar communed with the lords of the Valar and sent them to prepare by their labours a nether realm in the Void. They wrought a great work and placed within it the spark of everlasting fire. Upon and within this twirling orb burned sulfur and brimstone, and its conflagration was continual.

The Valar set this nether realm beyond Arda, but within range of the Suns light. Here were carried all whom offended in Arda, those who of old had fought battles with the Valar, and with the Elves, and with Dwarves, and with Ents, and with Men. Seething and writhing within the holds of the carriages, the Dark lords and spirits, along with all manor of living and dead thing that offended, screamed and wailed, for they knew the bitter destiny that awaited them. They struggled against that which bound them, but to no avail, for their power turned to weakness against the magic work that held them. Into the sulfurous nether realm they were cast, and there remained forever never to be remembered in the thoughts of those whom they had formerly oppressed. And the realm the Valar prepared for them was named "Aikanaro."

Varied Quotes to build Upon:

The seven Stars shining over us herald the final Battle. The Kingdoms of Arda have become the kingdoms of Iluvatar and his Appointed One, and he shall reign forever and ever.

Men shall become as Elves if they believe the words of the Valaran King.

From the Halls of Mandos they came. From across the Sea they came on white ships as they were ghosts moving in the mists, but the eyes of all upon the shore did see. They came and landed, and were seen: multitudes of Elves, and with them those who had departed long ago. These came and returned and entered Middle-earth. About them shone a radiant light; the light of Valinor and the Ancient days. It was as if Eru himself had entered all living beings and was shining his light through them. The Eldar had returned as some had dared to believe and hope for. The entirety of all Realms became as One, for there was one Kingdom without division nor controversy, the former things being passed away and all things become new as in the Beginning of Days.

Spoke these words did King Theodan regarding the Ents:

"Songs we have that tell of these things, but we have forgotten them, teaching them only to children as a careless custom. And now the songs have come down among us out of strange places and walk visibly under the sun."

"But Ents are surely no more, for Men had hewn the forests near bare before those whom relied on the wood procured in their harvest, realized the danger of such folly.

" Samwise of old gazed upon the Stars and Moon saying that elvish they were somehow, and it feels that way my friend." ~ (Bilbo in Ch1)

Of The Two Trees

O Silver Tree, O Silver Tree!

Where is Laurelin the Golden?

Hast thou remembered as thou are beholding?

Long ago in days once told,

The light of Elantari's Stars didst hold.

The warmth of golden rain didst fall,

In Valinor beyond its walls

The yellow flame of Malinalda,

Blossoms beams of golden light,

And life it seemed grew of a spark,

When Stars and Trees glew in the dark.

O Silver Tree, O Silver Tree!

Where is Laurelin the Golden?

Beg for the time to come,

When again two trees can behold then.

O Silver Tree, O Silver Tree!

Where is Laurelin the Golden?

When light sprang from other than the Sun,

From Ormal and Illuin,

From Ninquelote and Culurien.

Eowathiel and the Little Shoot

For it came to pass that while Eowathiel was gathering flowers during the month of ------? That she noticed a mound of earth nearby. It was ringed by grasses and flowers, and in its center a small shoot stood forth. The shoot was only les than a foot tall, but it had light green leaves edged with gold. Eowathiel was drawn to the mound and there beheld the growth therein. Upon seeing the shoot and its tints of gold, she drew her breath and for the moment remained breathless. Almost reluctantly she reached out to touch the tender leaves. And a gold dust sparkling came off on her fingers which glew with a light of its own. So it was that Eowathiel, being only 16 and having not yet known a man after the manner of Men, had found a seedling that by some miracle had been preserved through the ages from Laurelin the Golden. She gathered herself quickly and ran to inform Nessa and Caranthir.

Two Trees- Telperion..

 Together the Two Trees shone with the light of Eru, and the Silmarills were gathered together in one place out of all the places they had been lost. The roots of the Trees entwined as one, almost as if to pronounce the finality of the Unity destined to be brought about by the Will of Eru and He whom Eru sent to rule in all the Realms.

Now was the time the land below the waves rose, and the seas receded. New and green the earth became transformed in the light of Eru. All dark things of the past ages were gone banished forever from Middle earth, and no longer was there any curse found there. The Stars gave their light as in times forgotten, a pure crystal shining in the infinite reaches of sky above. Upon the faces of all living things the glitter of the Stars shone, for they had become as they were created to be, and those two legged ones that were now as immortal, the Eldar these being the People of the Stars, shone forth the reflection of Iluvatars light.


Nariel Tiwele ~ Pleiadian Freestar

Earane Nenharma ~ Beloved Star

Inwe ~ Orion

Spica Ann ~ Merenwen Celerbrindal

Saragon or Ancalime ~ Starsparkle

Kalpana Starlight ~ Luthien Lissesul


Ai! Laurie lantar lassi surinen!

Yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron,

Yeni ve linte yuldar vanier

Mi oromardi lisse-miruvoreva

Andune pella vardo tellumar

Nu luini yassen tintilar I eleni

Omaryo airetari-lirinen.

Si man I yulma nin enquantuva?

An si Tintalle Varda Oiolosseo

Ve fanyar maryat Elantari ortane,

Ar ilye tier undalave lumbule;

Ar sindanoriello caita mornie

I falmalinnar imbe met, ar hisie

Untupa Calaciryo miri oiale.

Si vanwa na, Romello vanwa, Valimar!

Namarie! Nai hiruvalye Valimar.

Nai elye hiruva. Namarie!

Elven-Song is from Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein

Elvish names are taken from Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Elvish Name Translator

The Storyline is by Ravenwolf Sapphire Starcrystal, January, 2004

Some quotes by "Nessa" are supplied by LisaStar