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The Prophet's Crucible
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The Inner Presence

Why in our church services do we say a feeble prayer, but we don't spend time to enter into the presence of God? Although God is never separated by distance, He IS separate from us by relationship.  The sermon is delivered, the prayers uttered, but the congregation goes home empty. Each individual needs to feed on the milk and meat of the Word. We all have a need to personally and individually experience the Spirit of God.  There is a vast chasm dividing a true relationship with God by the Holy Spirit, and the lifeless church services that are passed off as Christianity today.  No wonder the church has lost credibility, lost power, and become ineffective.  No wonder abominations are accepted by certain churches, homosexual men being permitted to deliver the word of God, the silent support of numerous other sins, and the complacency that permitts sinners to tread the wide path to eternal destruction. Judgement shall begin at the house of God , and the Lord shall sweep through and weed out the unfruitful branches. Gods presence will not tolerate sin, the straying from the Word, worldliness and secularization that has literally ruined many churches and shut Jesus outside their doors (Revelation 3:20)  Where there is no comunication, or so little communication that its only our small prayer to God, and Gods only comunication to us is when the Pastor gives his sermon, there is no spiritual life.  There thruth is, the Holy Spirit is given so that God can comunicate with us daily on an intimate and personal level- not distant but near, inside us, within our spirit and soul.
     Be hungry for things of the Spirit we're become so superficial in spiritual things, so cautht up in materialism, that we forget God, and if we haven't completely forgotten god, we've become so shallow in our conception of God that there is no true Relationship with God. By the Power of the Name of Jesus Christ who gave us the Holy Spirit, this needs to Change!  Be still and know that God is God!  Quiet your thoughts, shut out the noise, get away from the clamour of the world, and just experience the Revelation of the Spirit within you.  Open your hearts to know the Spirit and let your entire being fill with the wisdom and knowledge and power that is the life of the Spirit.  As a radiant light the Spirit shines, but this is a light that comes at first unseen, invisible, out of dark places- for the hidden mystery of God who dwells in thick darkness is that light that shines out of darkness.  Once this light is within you, and you believe that it is though you do not see it at first, then it shines upon you, and inside you, and becomes visible to others who observe you as you are filled with this light.  It becomes personal- to the inner depths, a firey core, a torrential flood of the living water that bubbles over as a fountain, and you shine with the awesome reality of the only creative power of the universe!  The inner presence of the Spirit will shine through you in all its brightness.

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