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The Prophet's Crucible
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Creation Evidence



Interesting facts about the age of our Solar System, our Universe, and our World:

(Much of this information has been gleaned from various Creation Science literature and Scientific articles...)

No astronomer has ever seen a star actually be born, much less evolve into a more complex structure. All they have seen is the violent destruction of some stars, in Supernovae. Degeneration and disintegration is certainly NOT evolution, but it DOES coincide with the second law of thermodynamics: entropy ~ or Progressive deterioration.

O and B type stars, which are much larger and hotter than our Sun, are found in clusters together with cooler stars. Assuming an advanced age for all of them, Henry Russel wrote in Astronomy, Vol. 1,Those O and B stars should have been dead for a million years, yet they are present with young ones. O and B type stars have greater gravity and with this spiraling effect, pull things in faster. Yet O and B stars have huge dust clouds surrounding them. If they were very old at all, every particle in close range would have been pulled in by now.

Speaking of dust, we must again assert the young age of our Solar System by the evidence of the LACK of large amounts of interplanetary dust discovered on the Moon or upon Earth, (as sediments in our oceans.) Space dust is regularly pulled in by gravity. It does not escape the planet or Moon once trapped by its gravity. Yet on the Moon there was found only 1/8 to 3 of dust. This was consistent with accumulations over a period of under 8,000 years, NOT millions or billions of years. The Nickel contained in this dust is regularly swept into the oceans, and measurements have shown there to be only about 8000 years worth of Nickel in Earths oceans.

If we argue that continual meteor impacts blasted the dust of an older Moon into space, we must consider that most of this dust ejected into space would have been pulled in by earths gravity, or the Moons, resulting in either much larger sediment deposits (In the millions of tons), or rings around Earth as Saturn and Uranus have. Yet we find neither.

The surface of Mars we find to be more and more of a mystery. Its thin atmosphere has complex circulation patterns and dynamics. Strong winds, dust devils, and massive dust storms are regular. If Mars were truly billions or even millions of years old, then its surface would be nothing but gently rolling dunes. Yet we find massive detailed structures, the clear remnant of ancient riverbeds, mountains and volcanoes. Considering the massive amount of wind erosion, we must re-evaluate the age of our Solar System and conclude that it is much younger than once thought.

Photos taken by the Viking 1 and Viking 2 landers showed quite a bit of exposed rock with very angular edges. Unless there had been some extremely recent cataclysm we dont know about, these rocks do not show the extent of erosion you would expect from millions of years of wind storms. The same thing is found on Venus, where the Russian Venera landers photographed a surface littered with rocks. The sharp corners of many of these (rocks) show that erosion at the surface is MUCH LESS intense than was expected.

So far we have credible evidence that 4 Solar bodies: Earth, its Moon, Mars, and Venus are much younger than we have been led to believe by the teachings of evolutionists. In fact, it seems scientists have often assumed that if the Solar System is billions of years old, we should expect to find certain geological features on the Planets consistent with that theory. Yet we find just the opposite. We find mysterious evidence pointing to a much younger Solar System.

Here we will introduce another enigma: a molten sphere that baffles astronomers and scientists to this day. It is the volcanic moon Io that orbits Jupiter. The level of volcanic activity which Io exhibits is extraordinary by any standard, but is particularly surprising because it is a small planetary body. Its about the same size and density as our Moon.

Models of the thermal history for small planets and satellites show that the early heat from accretion and perhaps short-lived radionuclides such as Aluminum-26, can melt all or part of the body. But this heat is lost relatively quickly and other familiar sources of internal heat (such as long-lived radionuclides) lose much of their effectiveness early on in a planets history ~ about (supposedly) 3 billion years ago for our Moon. So we are faced with another dilemma here.

There were speculations about tidal heating from its orbit and the orbits of Jupiter and its other satellites acting upon Io that might produce thermal heating from torque. Then there is speculation about a flux tube between Jupiter and Io that carries an electric current of 5 million amperes, and that this magnetospheric interaction could have some effect on Ios interior thermal dynamics.

Io is so warm that magnetospheric currents cannot be a significant heating mechanism. Even potent tidal energy must be converted very efficiently within the interior to match the observed thermal output. A partially molten interior is capable of dissipating enough tidal energy.

The observed level of energy emitted by Io implies too rapid an orbital evolution. It is then speculated that the level of volcanism on Io may vary with time and what the Voyager and Galileo spacecrafts observed is not typical of the last (supposed) 4-1/2 billion years. Yet almost all other highly volcanic bodies (such as Mars) are dead. Therefore Ios volcanoes continue to puzzle planetary scientists.

The controversy here is the same as the old stars and young stars existing in the same clusters. In our solar system there are active volcanic spheres such as Earth and Io, which point to a younger age (Especially in Io) and older planets such as Mars and Venus. These mysteries are easily understood if we begin to view our Solar System as being only 6,000 to 10,000 years old, NOT billions, or even millions of years.

When we believe in billions of years as the age of our Solar System or the Universe we uncover too many inconsistencies. We run up against baffling mysteries which are outside of the laws of physics. Another of these mysteries is the life of short period comets (those that orbit the Sun every 200 years or less) Given the known rate of disintegration, these short period comets would have completely dissolved within 10,000 years. The evidence leads us to conclude that, rather than being leftovers from the formation of our Solar System between 4 and 5 billion years ago, these comets are relatively young. Evolutionists speculative theories about the Oort Cloud somewhere beyond the orbit of the Kuiper belt, and a comet nest, are purely hypothetical. Even if such a region were found to exist, it cannot explain the mystery of the short period comets.

Our conclusion then, is that an intelligent Creator: God made the heavens and all the Stars and planets just as the Bible claims, and, that this creation is far more recent than has been accepted by mainstream society. The true history of the heavens can easily be measured in thousands of years, which is far shorter a history than evolutionary astronomers have assumed.

We will deal here with the subject of the creation of light and its speed. It has been argued that it takes light a long time to travel from one star to Earth, and some stars are known to be millions of light years away. This can be explained by the creation of light itself: that when God created light, it was created everywhere ~ it did not have to travel to reach Earth. The problem with believing that light had to travel starting at the point of creation is that it runs up against a dilemma, in that some galaxies are observed to be billions of light years distant, yet we supposedly observe very old star formations within them. It has also been shown recently that gravity may actually be FASTER than light. Coupled with the known fact that light bends as it travels by certain gravitational phenomenon, we can conclude light speed (186,262 miles per second) is not as constant as was once thought.

Actually it has been scientifically proven lights speed has NOT remained constant. When the speed of light was first calculated in 1675 (Considered an accurate calculation by most scientists and astronomers) it was actually faster than it is at present (2004,1/1) Measurements have showed a DECLINE in the speed of light that leveled off in 1960 where it has stayed at the present known speed of 186,262 mps. When it was calculated when this decline in speed began it was discovered to be 4040 BC, plus or minus 20 years. This scientifically places it within 20 to 40 years of the Creation according to Biblical chronology!

At the initial creation point of light it is believed light traveled at almost infinite speeds and was created everywhere in the universe; this is how we can see light from stars that are vast distances from us. Since God created everything perfect before Sin entered the world, we should conclude that the decline in the speed of light began at the point of the fall recorded in Genesis 3.

Believe God, for His Word stands true!!

In regards to the evolution of life on Earth, it must be noted that many scientific discoveries have been made which have unfortunately been withheld from the general publics knowledge. Life involves far much more than the random assembly of molecular components. Astronomer Hugh Ross says, The futility of expecting a bunch of simple molecules to bring themselves together into a functioning, living organism in a few million years in the chaotic conditions of an early Earth by far exceeds that of expecting a spilled bowl of alphabet soup to spontaneously generate a poem.

It takes more blind faith to believe in the impossible theory of evolution than it does to have faith to believe that an intelligent Creator Being (God) designed the Universe. There have been discovered absolutely NO links between differing species of either animals or hominid creatures. Modern man has no link to any extinct species. The gaps are far too wide. The differences in bone structure too extreme.

Apes are still Apes and humans are still human! It has also been concluded by some scientists and anthropologists that Neanderthal man (Once thought to be our ancestor) are actually humans that reached a great age of perhaps several hundred years, ~ EXACTLY as the Bible records in the book of Genesis. Other Neanderthal fossils have proved to be nothing but the deformed bones of Homo sapiens that were plagued by rickets, osteoarthritis and syphilis!

Evolutionists have a long list of so called missing links primate creatures that are supposedly at some stage of evolution between apes and modern man. Java Man consists of nothing but the skull cap of a giant Gibbon and a human leg bone found 45 feet away. Hesperopithecus (Nebraska Man) was based on ONE tooth that was later found to be that of an extinct pig. Piltdown man was a fraud created by Teilhard de Chardin who used a chemically stained fake jaw, a radioactive tooth, and an Elephant bone in this find. Peking Man was based on several shards of broken skull bones, a few primitive tools, and a pile of ash. The site was nothing more than a place where modern tribal men cracked open Monkey skulls to extract the brains for cooking! Australopithecenes are nothing but fossil bones of Apes.

Some of the more popular discoveries that have been pawned off on a na´ve public have also proven to be fraudulent. Ramapithecus, which is given much publicity as being the only possible ancestor of more recent discoveries, is based on some 30 jaws and teeth of an apelike creature. Richard Leakys 1470 Man is nothing but a small human skull coupled with human leg bones found in the same strata. Radiometric dating showed the fossils to be 220 million years old, then a second test showed them to be 2.6 million years old. Radiometric dating itself has been proven to be completely unreliable. The Human characteristics of 1470 Man were so embarrassing that it was renamed Homo Habilis and became quietly ignored. And finally, Dr. Johansons famous Lucy proved to be 40% of the skeleton of an Ape.

There are no links between Apes and modern Humans. Everything discovered that was at one time thought to be a link proving the evolution of man has been proved rather to be fully Ape, fully Human, a combining of bones of other creatures, or a hoax. Yet while evolutionary scientists realize there are NO Proofs to their claims, they continue to teach the public that Man evolved from Apes. What they are teaching is a fraud.

Science does not prove evolution. Actually, science contradicts evolutionary theory. People believe in evolution in spite of the scientific evidence against it because they simply do not want to believe in God. Isaac Asimov was one of the most prolific science writers of our time. If anyone would have any scientific evidence against God, surely Asimov would have, and being a bitter opponent of creationism he would have certainly published such evidence. Yet he could say only this:

Emotionally, Im an atheist I DONT HAVE THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT GOD DOESNT EXIST. But I so strongly suspect He doesnt that I dont want to waste my time. ~ (An Interview with Isaac Asimov on Science and the Bible, by Paul Kurtz, Free Inquiry, vol 2, Spring 1982, pg9)

No scientist has EVER been able to disprove the existence of God, before or since Asimov said this. Even secular (evolutionary) documentaries, which take one on a journey back in time to the distant past, are at a loss when they reach the beginning. One such program I watched on the Discovery channel in the early 1990s took a journey backwards in time until there was just a cloud of dust and gas, then darkness. Back beyond that there suddenly emerged a question mark on the screen along with a brilliant white light. Although the program was definitely evolutionary, its ending was probably quite accurate. Their unanswered question along with the light gave the impression of the potentiality of a God at the very beginning.

Studies have shown that the odds of even simple life forms randomly coming together under ideal environmental (non-chaotic) conditions is in the vicinity of less than one in 10 to the 100 billionth power! The processes involved in the survival of DNA and RNA molecules must have safeguards and backups at the rights times and right locations for them to survive and continue their further development. The odds of complex life forms randomly evolving from even a non-chaotic state are infinitesimally smaller. The odds of evolution occurring at all from a chaotic state is non existent. Its not only highly improbable, it is impossible.

A law of nature could not alone explain how life began, because no conceivable law would impel a legion of atoms to follow precisely a prescribed sequence of assemblage. ~ (A. Paul Alvisatos, Less is More Medicine Scientific American, Sept. 2001)

In 1909 in British Columbia, a formation called the Burgess Shale was found to have beautifully preserved specimens of fossils in Cambrian rocks. Such exotic creatures as Microdictyon, Opabinia, Anomalocaris, and Hallucigenia were found. Even the names given to some of them reflected they were anomalies and hallucinations. Because many of these creatures fit into no known phylum or class the extreme disparity the sheer difference in body plan from other Cambrian fossils is what struck many paleontologists. These finds showed that instead of evolution producing a cone of increasing diversity in basic life forms over the ages, the cone was inverted. What this means is that the base of the cone representing the time of greatest diversity is at the BOTTOM of the fossil record in the Cambrian strata, not in the present. After that, no new basic body plans emerged; they just go extinct.

In 1987, while digging for dinosaur and human tracks, two long coalified roots were found, and positively identified as from a Lepidodendron, a fern-tree type of plant which grew to heights of 60 to 100 feet. It is listed as of the Permian age, and had never before been found in Cretaceous material. Whats even more unusual is that it was polystrate, that is, one end was embedded in the lower limestone layer, most of it (9 feet, 8 inches) was in the marl layer above, and part of it grew through the upper limestone layer. This clearly demonstrates that all three of these layers were deposited quickly, not spread through millions of years. Lepidodendrons were considered to have grown some 150 million years earlier than any Cretaceous formations.

The fact that this fern-tree, as well as other petrified trees have been found often vertically cutting through different layers of strata proves that the Stratigraphic layering was not slowly laid down over millions of years, but actually occurred within a relatively short period of time. Plant material would have decomposed way too swiftly for it to be otherwise. Vertical trees found in Spirit Lake after the Mount St. Helens eruption in 1980 proved to be a modern testing ground of what we now know as fact. The trees floated vertically in the lake, and their bottoms began to be covered by silt deposits. Since the trees float at different levels in water, and are buried and petrified in this manner, they can give the appearance of age in the strata. The truth is, they are the result of the Flood in Noahs time. The fact many of the specimens cut through layers previously thought to have been millions of years apart, PROVE that the strata so relied on by evolutionists for dating was actually laid down in a very short time as short as a few months to a couple of years.

Some evolutionists have argued that some of these examples are intrusions caused by cataclysmic upheavals such as shifting in the earths crust which places younger material into older strata. The problem with this is that such an upheaval would shatter the specimen and it would be discovered in pieces rather than intact. There would also be some sign of the intrusion and the shift found in the rock, but there is none. It is obvious the plants and trees floated in water, roots down, and were immersed in a silty mixture. As more silt was deposited, the base solidified and compressed. Under these conditions the plant matter became petrified. This satisfactorily explains away the evolutionists intrusion theory, at least in the case of the intact petrified plant material found in multiple layers.

Both secular science and the Bible agree that the original Earth was in a chaotic state. The Earth was without form and void ~ (Genesis1:2) The word void comes from the Hebrew word bohu which means Emptiness, desolation, a void associated with chaos. So, rather than having science and Scripture at odds with one another, we conclude that they complement each other. The one explains the other, and the one confirms the other. Secular evolutionary science, which is based on nothing but unproven and several disassociated theories breaks down under closer scrutiny. In fact the theory of evolution has been so disproven that it should no longer be a force in our society. The only reason it is is that those who teach evolution do not want to have to admit they are wrong and they are instead answerable to a God who created all things. Even Darwin himself admitted that such things as the design of the eye frightened him because it went way beyond the possibilities of random chance by evolution. (See Evolution or Creation, Quotes)

Once we have been forced to re-examine our understanding of the origins of the cosmos and life on Earth, we then must start to consider how we will deal with the fact that there IS a God after all. And beyond a mere intellectual acknowledgement of God, we need to consider if this God has a purpose and a plan for his creation. If so, we are answerable to God, and we are faced with a choice to refuse or to receive his Word.

The Bible HAS been proved scientifically, as well as historically, and geologically. The flood of Noahs day is a matter of historical and geological fact. The way the bones are laid down in the fossil record show the order in which the creatures perished in the worldwide flood, and NOT some order of evolutionary development. (For instance, the smaller, weaker invertebrates were first to be crushed by the silt, while humans with more ingenuity to attempt survival were last. The fossil record shows many creatures died in panic and shock as if by some great immediate catastrophe, and not from natural causes.) The Creation has been proven by astronomers, anthropologists, paleontologists, and scientists. The only problem is that it has been kept from our education systems, and is subjected to suppression by those who support atheistic evolution theories. They attempt to either keep the opposing evidence from the general public, or else they attempt to discredit it with vague and unprovable theories that only sound good to atheistic ears.

There is not ONE theory about the creation of the universe that can travel back in time, past the primal chaos of an early Earth, to the formation of the Stars themselves, and on back past the (supposed) clouds of gas and dust at the beginnings, and tell us WHAT or WHO was there PRIOR to that very first physical substance and the energies necessary to set that substance in motion. Even the most convinced atheists and those who believe evolutions theories cannot give an answer to this.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, and that God created the entire universe from nothing. God spoke and it was so. God was the force of intelligent and personal energy present in eternity before there was linear time. He spoke and it was so. These are the irrefutable facts. Now that we see this set forth before us, we have the responsibility to respond to our Creator and to take him at his word. We should fall into step with his will and be obedient to what he teaches in his Word. Seeing that He created the entire universe, and holds it together by his power, we do not want to anticipate the consequences of going against the flow of his divine wisdom and purpose.

Having examined the evidence of both opposing views (Evolution and creation) I have hereby postulated that according to the empirical evidence it appears that Creation by an intelligent Creator is a certainty, while Evolutionary theory has fallen by the wayside. Almost all the preponderance of the evidence points to creation, while at the same time the evidence is decidedly against evolution. I have not reached my conclusions by rigid indoctrination of religious belief, but rather by a study of both evolution and creation. The sheer weight of the evidence in support of creation leaves no doubt in my mind

Too many whys. Evolutions a lie.

Monkeys are not our ancestors.

Too many whys. Evolutions a lie.

Worship the LORD as our Creator.

Seek the LORD high and exalted in the starry system

Serve the LORD and enter in to his holy mysticism.

Cuz theres too many whys. Evolutions a lie.

No missing links to primal oceans.

Too many whys. Evolutions a lie.

The LORD created the living fountains.

Look to the sky and consider the Stars mystery.

Creation by God is our only true history.

All of us have sinned and come short of Gods glory ~ NO EXCEPTIONS! Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. If we believe this fact, and receive His Spirit and are born again, we will have eternal life. If we refuse to believe or we outright reject Gods provision for us, we will be eternally condemned. Those condemned will end up in a place very similar to the environment on the moon Io discussed in this message. The Bible calls it hell. Many people reject such thoughts and consider such talk about God, heaven, hell and angels and demons as archaic foolishness. But it is all true. We cant change it, even if we dont like the thought of it. We cant change the facts any more than we can change the Sun from rising. Its that simple. And its that serious.

Sapphire ~ Nov. 2003 Jan. 2004

Footnote: If science ever discovers a method of accurate infallible dating, I am convinced that anything dated will show an age of 7,000 to 10,000 years. Unfortunately no such dating method for measuring ancient objects has been discovered at this time.

  The picture below I believe would be an accurate depiction of the pre-flood Earth. Job chapters 40 and 41 describe creatures that could only be dinosaurs. The truth is, people DID coexist with the giant creatures of old...