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The Prophet's Crucible
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(The following is an article I wrote in response to Atheists claims that Jesus is not God....)

I have the understanding that human volition plays a very big factor in the accomplishing of so called supernatural phenomenon. Having been a practitioner of varied faiths I find this experience personal. I have noticed that in all I have practiced, whether Satanism, Wicca, Shamanism, Sorcery, or Christianity, one element remains constant: Answers to prayer seem to come in proportion to my faith.

Faith is basically believing in something that one cannot see. When seeking a specific outcome, such as one would seek through prayer, or spells, it appears that the more one convinces oneself that the outcome WILL happen, the likelihood of it happening increases. Doubt seems to disrupt faith. If you BELIEVE what you are seeking WILL HAPPEN, and you project that into the atmosphere, then theres a good chance it WILL happen.

Herein lies the concept of human will, and the theory that human volition somehow can cause events to happen outside of ones self. A projecting of ones will, so to speak. This very well may be a trait inherent in all people and only needs cultivated in order for individuals to exercise it successfully. It seems that no matter what religion a person belongs to, that they have some degree of success with answered prayers. Perhaps it is simply a projecting of human will through some unseen avenue of the mind that accomplishes this?

What about Jesus Christ? Why did he equate himself with God and call God his Father? Perhaps he had a highly refined psyche, and strong archetypes. He equated himself with the ultimate POTENTIAL inherent in ALL humans, and because he disciplined himself, he succeeded in accomplishing many seemingly miraculous things. Hence there was really no God but rather just the projection of Jesus own mind into externalized manifest reality.

This all sounds good in theory. It fits in perfectly with the evolutionists worldview, and the naturalist theories. It also fits the belief system of those who claim all religion stems from the same source: mind, and that God is actually created in mans image.

Theres a problem with all this however. First of all the coming of Jesus Christ was predicted by numerous prophets and prophecies thousands of years before Jesus was ever born of the virgin Mary. How do we explain this? Some people may attempt to say there is a kind of collective consciousness operating on a subconscious level that all human beings have access to. Those who are prophets simply tap into this vast reservoir of the collective consciousness and are able to pull out of it future events and reveal them before they take place. The problem with this theory is that it seems to denote some form of spiritualistic approach, seeing as any so called collective consciousness appears to be able to access eternity. We start getting into God-concepts at this point.

We also have the historical fact of Jesus resurrection and ascension into heaven, witnessed by well over 500 people. If his powers were purely of mind, this proves mind, or some form of spirit or non-corporeal thing lives on after physical death. The ascension proves that this power is able to actually transcend death and take people beyond the limits of mortality. Not only that, it can defy the laws of conventional physics as we presently understand them.

We are faced with a dilemma. Either human beings have an inherent capacity of mental power that can transcend the physical and affect their external surroundings, or, there is a god-like realm of spirit in which these forces operate. Along with that, Jesus is either a highly disciplined human able to exercise all the potential of the human mind, or else he is who he claimed to be: God in the flesh. A lot of people will not want to concede to that being a possibility. For whatever reasons, people want to reject a belief that Jesus is God, therefore the Bible true, and humans having a responsibility to believe and obey what it says.

If we examine the facts available to us it appears at first there IS most certainly a power inherent in all humans, and it appears to stem from the mind. If members of ALL religions can exercise faith and believe for answers to prayer, then receive those answers; at first glance it does appear this conclusion is valid. It depends only on how much a person can project his or her will into their surroundings. Whether through vibrations or telepathy or electrical waves or thought waves, whatever it is that accomplishes this appears to CAUSE certain things to happen that cannot be readily explained by conventional science.

If we begin to dig deeper however, we find there needs to be the necessity of a belief in, (at the very least,) some kind of collective consciousness that all humans are somehow tapped into. This vague collective consciousness is not just something that exists in the present, but is obviously able to see into the future. This is evident because of the enormous amount of specific futuristic prediction (prophecy) that has occurred over the millennia. Seeing a person that exists in the world at the same time as the person having the vision but without the visionary ever having seen the person is proof that validates the collective conscience theory. But to describe an event or place or person hundreds or even thousands of years before it happens shows us that there is another element to this altogether. If the energy field transcends time, what are its limits, or does it have any limits?

Obviously Jesus operated with some form of energy field that gave him great power. It couldnt have come from his mind only because this could not account for the prophetic aspect, where others predicted his coming in the flesh. It couldnt be a collective consciousness only existing in present time because this could not account for the ability to predict future events. If the collective conscience or energy field is in fact eternal in nature, or at least it has access to thousands of years ahead in the future, this leaves the door wide open for us to recognize there is a god-like power out there, which is external from us.

Think of these things rationally. No one can deny that humans can exhibit supernatural powers. No one can deny these powers are mysterious and involve some kind of unseen energy. Jesus Christ is a true historical figure. Numerous witnesses, INCLUDING HIS OWN ENEMIES attest to his life, death, and resurrection, as well as his miraculous powers. Based on the evidence we cannot deny the existence or the works of Jesus. If we do deny it then were just not thinking rationally and we just DONT WANT to accept the evidence, even though we see its true. Some people do this simply because they dont want to deal with the potential moral consequences involved.

These are some very thought provoking ideas, and they are based on observable evidence. If we must conclude that there is indeed some type of external energy field that somehow interacts with the human mind, and that this energy field has access to the future, and to knowledge that we would have no way of knowing apart from it, and that this energy combined with our faith can cause external events to happen supernaturally, then we also must conclude there is some type of god-like power out there. If so, how can we be sure that what Jesus said is not true? There is a good likelihood that it is true. That means the Bible is true. If Jesus were a liar then how can so many of the things he claimed be true? His predictions are true. What he said would happen if we followed him is true. Where are the lies then? We simply dont find them!

Some call Jesus a liar simply because they feel he KNEW he was only using mental powers, and used them to claim godhood. Well then, his lies raised him from the dead, and he ascended into the sky in front of many witnesses. Just like he claimed he would do! Obviously he never lied, and those who claim he did are basing their accusations on personal opinions and prejudices against Jesus, but not on the evidence.

What about the other religions that exhibit the same results when they invoke the powers of prayer? Its simple. Faith in itself is universal and is a trait created by God. Then there are deceiving spirits and spirits of Satan, opposed to God, who are able to manifest supernaturally. This gives us the ILLUSION that its probably all just mind power. But when we examine it as we have here, we see it goes way beyond mind power or even a collective conscience or energy field.

Yes, the TRUTH is, GOD EXISTS.

I found these things out myself after having spent years practicing with supernatural powers in other types of belief systems. The new age concepts and others that support

That human mind power is all it is, is simply untrue. Its a belief that is not taking into consideration all the evidence, but rather is only looking at a small part of it.

I have honestly examined and considered that mind power and collective consciousness are the answers to the existence of supernatural powers exhibited by humans. My conclusions are that who Jesus Christ said he was and what he did is in fact TRUE. This is based on the evidence we have to go on..

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